Walking Lightly One Step at a Time

footprintsClimate change is one of the biggest threats we face and your home is plugged into nature. Your home energy usage or carbon footprint might seem trivial, however, as much as 17 percent of CO2 emissions come from private home electricity usage, heating and waste. Wasting electrical energy prompts CO2-emitting power plants to produce more and heating with oil, wood and/or natural gas directly creates greenhouse gasses. Continue reading “Walking Lightly One Step at a Time”

Cabin Renovation: Simple Green Living

Protected by Copyscape Online Infringement Detector Umbrellas-PublicDomainThirty years ago my husband and I were city dwellers still spending most of our time working  for someone else.  Then we made a life changing decision, a decision to make our simple dream come true.  We moved to where we wanted to live,  purchased a home, committed to voluntary simplicity and built our own business from the bottom up. Continue reading “Cabin Renovation: Simple Green Living”

Simple Dreams

When it seems that someone has shattered your dreams…pick up even the smallest of pieces and use them to build bigger and better dreams. ~ author unknown

I  woke up from a dream and realized I am living my dream — I am my dream.

I made the choice to realize my dream one day at a time long ago.  Simplifying my life led to leaving life in the city and moving to the islands.  Here I happily remain valuing how precious life is and desiring to life it to the fullest.

Very few people would choose to live this simple life. It’s not an easy life. There is no employer waiting to give you a job. There are no “city amenities” — no big box stores, no franchise fast food joints, no town center, no bumper to bumper traffic, no street lights, etc. — just Nature in all her glory. Continue reading “Simple Dreams”

Simple Living: When Less is More

cabinChoosing to live the simple life involves severing attachment to things, clearing clutter from your mind and premises, and  replenishing mindfully. Frugal living is making do with what you have.  Simple living is about  learning how to do more for yourself.  Conscious living is  choosing to have less impact on the planet. Continue reading “Simple Living: When Less is More”