Doing Less, Producing More, Feeling Great

flowerI have finally learned a life lesson I have failed to learn many times before.  Being productive isn’t about doing more. Being productive is about doing less and doing what I choose to do better. Continue reading “Doing Less, Producing More, Feeling Great”

Looking Forward a Stress Free Future

bright yellow lotus

Last autumn was a good time to renew my strategy for the future because I recognized there is no magic potion that will guarantee a long, healthy life. I made an assessment of where I was at and where I wanted to be. Continue reading “Looking Forward a Stress Free Future”

Animal Companionship and Stress Reduction

tashiThe value of friendship is something that few people take time to really appreciate. When you need a friend, you realize just what kind of value friendship holds. I also value the companionship of my pets and consider them to be my friends too.  I derive so much health and wellness and fun from my relationships with my pets, who are capable of unconditional love and unerring loyalty.

Continue reading “Animal Companionship and Stress Reduction”

Balanced living: Vacations are a necessity

One of the main reasons to take a vacation is to get some rest and recharge.  On vacation people tend to pack in more hours of sleep and exercise, as well as spend more time with family and friends–all of which are good for reducing high blood pressure.  According to a study conducted by  the Psychosomatic Society in Savannah,  men who take vacations every year reduce their overall risk of death by about 20 percent, and their risk of death from heart disease by as much as 30 percent. Continue reading “Balanced living: Vacations are a necessity”