Practice Gratitude and Experience Joy

1candleI’ve been feeling so good about the way I’ve been taking care of my business and by that I mean my health and happiness.  That’s not to say that making a living isn’t something I’m taking care of too because I am. It is to say that I have my priorities straight so I’m experiencing gratitude and joy.  Are you? Continue reading “Practice Gratitude and Experience Joy”

An Attitude of Gratitude

gratitude1My program of retaining an attitude of gratitude and enjoying my life every day is going well. I’m living mindfully in the moment and taking small steps to encourage myself to celebrate life.

My life is not less stressful than it was before I began this commitment, but my coping skills are improving as I make attitude adjustments throughout the day. Continue reading “An Attitude of Gratitude”

Joy, Love and Peace

banner The days of  making homemade Christmas cards and writing Christmas letters on store bought cards to send them off to others by mail are fast disappearing.

Statistics are showing that, even more so than other years, Christmas greetings 2010 are increasingly being sent via ecards due to convenience and the instantaneous communication that internet provides.

I considered sending you all ecards and decided against it.  Instead I opted to post my Christmas wishes here in my blog.

Dear readers — thank you so much for your brilliant writing and thoughtful comments in 2010. May your light continue to shine brightly in 2011.

Let’s celebrate . . .
the tradition of friendship,
the beauty of the Season,
the opportunity of the New Year.

On Awareness, Gratitude and Conscious Living

happy peopleMy friend, Jonathan has published his informative and insightful “how-to”  post Allow Gratitude to Transform Your Life:

We can actually train ourselves to search for, discover, and focus on legitimate reasons to feel grateful and appreciative.

Continue reading “On Awareness, Gratitude and Conscious Living”