Love is a Rose

woodviolets It was an overcast, cool and breezy morning when Mr T took me out walking today. I have been trying to further the time and distance I established in my spring conditioning program but I’m not making much progress.  I haven’t been sleeping well.  I’m experiencing severe joint pain, and spasms in my legs that ZING! me wide awake every couple of hours. Walking seems to help a little but not as much as I had hoped for, and I found myself sitting in the ditch and resting while the spasms passed. Continue reading “Love is a Rose”

Alan Watts – Death


white flowerAlan Watts had profound insights into the nature of life and existence that have affected millions of people. “My point was, and has continued to be, that the Big Realization. . . is not a future attainment but a present fact, that this now-moment is eternity and that one must see it now or never,” he said.

When the life force — heat and consciousness — ceases to exist, then that is called death. Death can occur:

1) when one’s own kamma is exhausted,

2) when one’s own life span is exhausted, that is, the span allotted for that particular life (one can only live so long and after that one has to die)

3) when both kamma and life span are exhausted together, or

4) when life ends due to accidental, unnatural causes.

These are the ways that death can come. So death in Buddhism is not the end of total existence. Death is just closing one chapter and the next chapter is opened immediately after that. These two always go immediately together-death and rebirth.  Continue reading “Alan Watts – Death”

An interruption

My tiny dog, who has been my constant companion for 14 years is dying. I have been nursing her 24 hours  every day for more than 3 weeks now and I believe today is the day that she will pass over.  I’m holding her until she goes and therefore I will not be blogging until tomorrow. I apologize for all the unanswered comments. I just cannot cope with them right now.