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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Happy Holidays! Whichever ones apply: Jewish, Christian, Pagan, secular! People of goodwill are not particular, Perhaps because all people yearn for friends. Year’s end’s a time of darkness, true, but when Has darkness ever darkened one small light? Our pleasures are like candles in the night, Lighting lamps that burn beyond our ken. … Continue reading

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Evergreens a Symbol of Rebirth

This book is a great mid-winter read. I’ve been reading it in the reception areas of the dentist, doctor and laboratory offices I’ve been frequenting these days and I would like to recommend it to my readers. The Solstice Evergreen: History, Folklore and Origins of the Christmas Tree (Paperback) by Sheryl Ann Karas. Karas has … Continue reading

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New theme for a new cycle

The perfect time to change themes for me is in preparation for rebirth. Winter-solstice celebrations could well be the world’s oldest holidays. Such celebrations have been observed all over the world since ancient times. Winter Solstice marks the Middle of Winter or the Beginning of Astronomical Winter, and although interpretation varies from culture to culture, … Continue reading