Spiritual Music – Winter Solstice

winter solstice Evergreens  are a symbol of rebirth and you could say I am blessed, because everything I need for my evergreen wreath making is free of charge and readily available.

Every December I walk in the woods with my small wheelbarrow, a hand saw and pruning shears to collect wreath making materials. Fallen cedar, fir and tamarack branches, mosses and lichens, ivies,  cones and berries are exactly what I’m looking for.  Each wreath I make is made from different combination of materials and has a different theme.  I tart them up with tiny ornaments, ribbons and such that I purchase at liquidator sales. Continue reading “Spiritual Music – Winter Solstice”

Winter Celebrations

religious symbolsThe holidays are here! It’s a wonderful time of year when the twinkling lights go up on trees and we awake, as my Beloved and I did today, to a snowy winter wonderland.   The winds are blowing, the sky is thick with falling snowflakes, and the power is surging on and off.  So in case we are rudely interrupted I want to publish my best wishes for love and laughter in this season of good cheer. Continue reading “Winter Celebrations”

Winter Solstice Seasonal Traditions

wreath Winter Solstice officially occurred at 5.30am on 22 December 2011. At Winter Solstice the sun is closer to horizon than any other time of the year. The shortest day of the year, with just eight hours and twenty three minutes of sunlight, in the northern hemisphere Winter Solstice is the date marks the first day of winter, and the slow transition back to longer days. Continue reading “Winter Solstice Seasonal Traditions”

Yule Dance – Feast Of Fools – Snowfall

Winter Solstice the longest night and shortest day of the year is also called Yule. Yule may mean ‘Yoke of the Year’, derived from the Anglo-Saxon Geola, though some suggest a derivation from the Norse Jul, meaning ‘wheel’.  Yule promises the gradual return of the sun after prolonged darkness. Continue reading “Yule Dance – Feast Of Fools – Snowfall”

Holiday Eggnog and Eggnog Truffles

happy holidaysEggnog during Christmas season is a tradition that I share with people from around the world.  Granted I have met a few people who don’t like it but almost everyone I know loves it.  The recipe I have posted below is a very simple one that I have made many times but first some history which can be found on multiple sites on the internet. Continue reading “Holiday Eggnog and Eggnog Truffles”

Staying Busy and Practicing Happiness

evergreen sprigs I love making evergreen wreaths. Evergreens  are a symbol of rebirth and I am anticipating the arrival of Winter Solstice the longest night of the year.  Each wreath I make is made from different combination of materials and has a different theme.   I use cedar boughs primarily but I also use Douglas and balsam fir, spruce and pine. The cones, holly, mistletoe,  and ivy as well as  ribbon and small ornaments  I add make each wreath  unique. Continue reading “Staying Busy and Practicing Happiness”

One Red Candle and Seasonal Favorites

red candleThis Winter Solstice on the eve of December 21, please consider joining me. Go outside and settle into the night.  Listen. Think about the night as if it were an island.

Have in mind what is important to you — what you want to release from your life and what you want to welcome into your life in the coming year.

Breathe each thing you want gone, one at a time, into the palm of your hand, then blow them away into the winter sky.

Do the same with each desire you wish to enter your life. When you are finished, go inside and light a red candle.

Put it in a safe place to burn out completely. The candle is a symbolic guiding light to draw your desires to you.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Whichever ones apply:
Jewish, Christian, Pagan, secular!
People of goodwill are not particular,
Perhaps because all people yearn for friends.
Year’s end’s a time of darkness, true, but when
Has darkness ever darkened one small light?
Our pleasures are like candles in the night,
Lighting lamps that burn beyond our ken.
In celebration there is more than joy:
Days of feasting bind our friendships fast,
A fat and full embrace of things that last,
Yet holy in what sense one might employ,
Savoring sweet songs that spirits buoy. Continue reading “Happy Holidays”

Winter Solstice: Festival of Light

winter goddess
winter goddess

Winter Solstice is a magical season that marks the journey from this year to the next, journeys of the spirit from one world to the next, and the magic of birth, death, and rebirth.

Lady of Ten Thousand Names

Throughout the world gods and goddesses of light were being born during the Winter Solstice. The Egyptian goddess Isis delivered Horus whose symbol was the winged Sun. As the personification of the “complete female”, Isis was called “The One Who Is All”, Isis Panthea (“Isis the All Goddess”), and the “Lady of Ten Thousand Names”. The goddess Isis, a moon goddess, gave birth to Horus, the god of the sun. Together, Isis and Horus created and sustained all life and were the saviors of their people. More than any other of the ancient Egyptian goddesses, Isis embodied the characteristics of all the lesser goddesses that preceded her. Isis became the model on which future generations of female deities in other cultures were to be based.

Continue reading “Winter Solstice: Festival of Light”

Evergreens a Symbol of Rebirth


This book is a great mid-winter read. I’ve been reading it in the reception areas of the dentist, doctor and laboratory offices I’ve been frequenting these days and I would like to recommend it to my readers.

The Solstice Evergreen: History, Folklore and Origins of the Christmas Tree (Paperback) by Sheryl Ann Karas. Karas has gathered nearly 40 myths legends and folktales from diverse cultures around the globe. Evergreen the tree represents the ideals that connect all human beings making it a true symbol of peace on earth regardless of nationality or religion.

Why do over 40 million Americans decorate Christmas Trees? Few of us know the origins and spiritual significance of the annual ritual they perform. With depth and detail this revised and expanded second edition of reveals even more hidden meanings of evergreen trees throughout human history – for over 5000 years!

Throughout the centuries the evergreen has been a potent cultural symbol of rebirth. Contemporary Christmas Trees are a vestige of the pagan practice during the winter solstice of bringing greenery into the home to symbolize life in the dead of winter. Living trees have special significance to nearly every culture from Siberia to Palestine to Greece to Medieval Germany to Aztec (Mexico) to Native American (USA) to pre-historic Japan and many more. Illustrated with dozens of period line drawings educates entertains and enlightens the understanding of the Christmas Tree – for both adults and children.

New theme for a new cycle

phoenix.jpgThe perfect time to change themes for me is in preparation for rebirth. Winter-solstice celebrations could well be the world’s oldest holidays. Such celebrations have been observed all over the world since ancient times.

Winter Solstice marks the Middle of Winter or the Beginning of Astronomical Winter, and although interpretation varies from culture to culture, most hold a recognition of Rebirth. Continue reading “New theme for a new cycle”