Everyday Meditation: Blue Sky Mind

CloudsMeditation is becoming aware of the vital stillness and hearing within that stillness. It is the stillness that’s naturally present before you become attached to thoughts and things; before you identify with thought-feeling-reaction.

In this meditation you will be using the visualization of a blue sky with clouds passing through it as the “virtuous” object of your meditation.  Continue reading “Everyday Meditation: Blue Sky Mind”

Looking Forward a Stress Free Future

bright yellow lotus

Last autumn was a good time to renew my strategy for the future because I recognized there is no magic potion that will guarantee a long, healthy life. I made an assessment of where I was at and where I wanted to be. Continue reading “Looking Forward a Stress Free Future”

A Basket of Kindness

Yesterday, we were the beneficiaries of a random act of kindness. After a long day of renovating and painting, while still running our business, we cleaned up and collapsed on our deck to discuss our plans for supper. I haven’t been feeling well lately and we had just agreed we were both too tired to get into cooking, when we heard a car winding down our long driveway. We both groaned. We were hot, tired and not desirous of company, but we had forgotten to close the gate. Continue reading “A Basket of Kindness”

Birdsong: Five Minute Nature Meditations

bevy of birdsHumans are by nature perceptive and compassionate beings in tune with nature and with others but these qualities are usually lost in the deluded busyness of  life.  The more exposure we have to the stresses of  life in a busy world the more important it is that we make the time to relieve the pressure and still our chattering monkey mind. Continue reading “Birdsong: Five Minute Nature Meditations”

Learning One Minute Meditation

peace archThis summer my friends who are also in their autumn years came to visit with their three girls. Though they thought they were finished with parenting years ago, due to unusual family circumstances they are parenting again. We had a marvelous time together and throughout the month they visited we taught the girls several simple meditation practices. In this post I’m going to share one of them. It’s a very simple meditation that anyone can use any place and any time to experience one minute of deep relaxation and peace. Continue reading “Learning One Minute Meditation”

Golden Apples Guided Meditation for Children

meditation tree The Greeks original paradise was called the Garden of the Hesperides, and they associated it with Zeus and Hera and with a serpent-entwined apple tree. Dryads were nymphs associated with trees and water.  In Greek mythology, the three nymphs The “Hesperides” were daughters of either Nyx (Night) or the heaven-bearing Titan Atlas. Continue reading “Golden Apples Guided Meditation for Children”

day and night

daynight4Our memories, worries and fears exist in images and we can use images to manage our moods. It’s an age-old method of meditation. With practice, anyone can learn a guided imagery routine that will take then to a safe place of deep relaxation where they can heal and rest.  Click images to view larger versions. Continue reading “day and night”

Exploring Spaciousness: Experiencing Peace

sky In Are You Afraid of Stillness and Space? Part 1, Sandra Pawula suggests nourishing yourself with space. She explains how space is a vital element that brings balance into our lives, helping to keep stress, distress, and illness at bay.

In Are You Afraid of Stillness and Space? Part 2   Sandra’s  advice is to  slowly break free of our driving need to do and to accomplish and begin nurturing ourselves with small, less threatening doses of space. Continue reading “Exploring Spaciousness: Experiencing Peace”

Meditation Practice: Mountain Meditation for Beginners


This is another article in a series for those who are beginning to meditate. It’s important to know what meditation is and what it isn’t, so please read the other articles first Buddhist Meditation: Mindful Breathing Practice and Meditation Practice: Preparation for Beginners. Continue reading “Meditation Practice: Mountain Meditation for Beginners”

Meditation Practice: Preparation for Beginners

flowerbehindearNo one wants to feel: anxious, sad, angry or fearful. Yet, that is exactly what we have all experienced. So why not learn how to do something about it? Why not learn how to meditate?

Meditation involves focusing the mind in order to increase awareness of the present moment. It  promotes relaxation, reduces stress , and enhances personal growth. Continue reading “Meditation Practice: Preparation for Beginners”

Buddhist Meditation: Mindful Breathing Practice

rsz_wispycloudsThe traditional Buddhist meditation technique is Mindful Breathing Practice. The goal is to attain a state of deep peace in the present moment, characterized by total immersion of the mind in its object and progressive elimination of thoughts and emotions. The benefit of learning Mindful Breathing Practice is being able to use it to cope with  stress and improve relationships in our everyday lives. Continue reading “Buddhist Meditation: Mindful Breathing Practice”

Have you visited Mediheaven?

Meditainment Ltd. is the producer and developer of MediHeaven, a virtual world for meditation. In addition, it serves over one million downloads each year from its audio library.

This is a commercial site aimed at creating “affiliates”, however, there are some “freebies”, as well.

Upon arrival in MediHeaven, the MIND COACH asks you questions about the things you want and the way you feel. She then guides you on a uniquely suited meditation. You’ll need 20 minutes for this.

You will count yourself down through seven levels of relaxation and then feel like you’re in paradise. It just takes 4 to 6 minutes and it’s free.

Relaxation Music
Meditation Music
Soothing Music
Sleep Music
Ambient Music
Motivational Music

Essential Carrier Oils for Home Massage

Massage is one of the oldest forms of treatment and can be traced back many thousands of years to the ancient Greeks, Persians and Chinese who are said to have practiced massage as a spiritual art. The word Massage comes from the Greek ‘massein’ meaning ‘to knead’. Continue reading “Essential Carrier Oils for Home Massage”

Meditation CDs and audio downloads

These files are very large, as much as 20 MB, high speed internet connection is recommended

Free Audio Meditation Mp3 Downloads

Deepening The Silence
(CD 1, Meditation 2 from Meditation Skills course) 15 minutes

Following The Breath & Observing The Body
(CD 1, Meditation 3 from Meditation Skills course) 30 minutes

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Essential oils for treating stress

Symptoms of stress in the workplace include excessive sick days, headaches, lethargy, loss of sense of humor, irritability and depression. Other symptoms include making errors, having difficulty concentrating, and feeling defensive or angry inside. Essential oils can help you cope and calm you down, and can enhance productivity. Continue reading “Essential oils for treating stress”

Here's Your Break

“Often we feel the need to find some tranquility in the otherwise frenzied experience we define as life. We need to step away — find some peace so we can let go of our daily worries — cleanse them from our beings. Like stepping into a forest, this meditation will teach you that calmness can surround you and fill your senses. This serenity allows us to leave everything else behind and ease our minds and bodies so that we can take life on again with a fresh and more peaceful approach. Use this meditation to reach a state of peaceful and mindful thought. About the Author

To listen to these meditations, you will need a speaker hooked up to your computer and the RealNetwork’s RealPlayer(TM) application. It is easy to get. If you do not have the player, click here to download it now.

Click here to begin your meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation

mystical imageMindfulness is: Knowing you are not your thoughts. Our thoughts take us away from being here now. If I am thinking about the past, or worried about the future, I am a prisoner of my thoughts.

When I take a moment to observe myself having thoughts, I am no longer the thoughts. I get to be and observe at the same time. That’s why if I continue to come back to my breath which always occurs in the here and now, it draws me into the present. And from that vantage point I can observe as past and future attempts to draw me away from the moment.

This paying attention to the here and now, to the breath, to the observing one’s thoughts without being critical or judgmental is what many people call Mindfulness. But what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a word. Nothing more, nothing less. As a word it is a symbol or a sign. As a sign or symbol it points to a way of looking at life in general and one’s own life in particular. Mindfulness points one in the direction of being aware of the present moment.

Mindfulness points to: Being aware of and paying attention to the moment in which we find ourselves. Our past is gone, our future is not yet here. So what exists between them is the present moment.

If I can observe and not get caught up in my thoughts, it is all that I have. The here and now, the present is the link which holds what was and what will be.

My past was a series of present moments which brought me to this present moment. My future should it happen will be a series of present moments effected by only present moment in which I am now living, being, doing, observing, being aware or unaware, and attentive or inattentive.

While mindfulness is a generalization about paying attention and being aware in the present moment, it occurs only in the individual. That individual makes a choice to be in the moment and be aware of what is happening in the present moment. In that choice is a realization.

You are not your thoughts. Thoughts take us away from being here now. This paying attention to the here and now, to the breath, to the observing one’s thoughts, without being critical or judgmental as we go about our daily lives is what many people call Mindfulness Practice.

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Stress Reduction Strategies

The Centre for Emotional Well Being has some some simple, everyday things we can do to reduce stress:

1. Take a break from your “real” life
Most of us can take an afternoon, a day or two or a long weekend and escape our everyday routines and pressures. Do it – get away.

2. Spend time with friends
Consider the benefits of time with someone with whom you can “let your hair down” and really be yourself. Make a date with a friend.

3. Breathe!
Try really filling up your lungs and slowly exhaling, taking 5 or 6 deep breaths. It’s a proven antidote for anxiety. Make breathing deeply a habit.

Continue reading “Stress Reduction Strategies”

Ten Guided Relaxation Tapes

tapesThere is a set of ten guided relaxation tapes available as free MP3 downloads that were developed by Marla Craig and Lana Harder, Program Development Staff, University of Texas at Austin. The set includes a 7-minute Deep Breathing exercise and a ‘tense and release’ Muscle Relaxation (18 minutes). 1Mb per minute of audio, but each relaxation is split into smaller ‘tracks’ for easier downloading. I have downloaded these to my computer and used them many times therefore, I can recommend them without hesitation.

  • Track 01.mp3: Deep Breathing
  • Track 02.mp3: Muscle Relaxation
  • Track 03.mp3: Muscle Relaxation
  • Track 04.mp3: Muscle Relaxation

Cruise Imagery is a boat trip to a secluded bay on a tropical island; a waterfall cascades from high cliffs into the sea below and exotic birds fly overhead (12 minutes).

  • Track 05.mp3: Cruise Imagery
  • Track 06.mp3: Cruise Imagery
  • Track 07.mp3: Cruise Imagery

Forest Imagery is set on a wooded hillside in autumn; late-afternoon sun filters down as you wander through trees and come to a log cabin. You step inside, and warm yourself in front of the gentle fire (18 minutes).

  • Track 08.mp3:ForestImagery
  • Track 09.mp3.Forest Imagery
  • Track10.mp3.Forest Imagery

Guided Imagery: A Small Vacation

Find a quiet place to sit…
Take some time to feel settled…
take a deep breath…..

Close your eyes…
let your body relax…..
Take another deep breath…….

Allow yourself to let go of stress,
any stress… relax….

Take another deep breath…….
And keep moving deeper inside yourself….
Don’t force anything….
Just be still…..
Remember to breathe…
and to relax….

Keep your focus within
Moving deeper inside….
And let any thoughts just
drift away like clouds in the sky
When you catch yourself engaged in a thought,
Just take a deep breath…..
And allow yourself to come back to your center….

Now, see a path in front of you and follow the path….
Take your time and notice what’s around you….
Take a deep breath and smell the air…..
Look at the flowers and listen to the birds….
Look up at the sky and notice the clouds…

In a little while, you’ll see a beautiful waterfall…..
Watch the rainbows bouncing off the water….
Bend down at the edge of the water….
Trail your hand through it …
Feel the Earth under you…..

This is your special place….
No one else can come here without your permission…..
Make this place your very own place….
Make this place the most peaceful, safe place you want to be in …
Whenever you need to be quiet and alone

You can come back to this place any time you want….
Any time you need to be quiet and alone….

When you’re ready and there’s no rush,
Say goodbye for now to your sacred place….

Begin coming back up the path…..
Take your time and notice what’s around you….
Take a deep breath and smell the air…..
Say farewell to the flowers and birds….
Look up at the sky and notice the clouds…

Take your time coming back to the room you’re in….
Enter very slowly and very gently….
Feeling completely refreshed….
And totally relaxed….

Visualizing the Life You Desire

Updated October 24th, 2014. As soon as you begin your Personal Development Inventory and Goal List establish some new habits. Use imagery (creative visualization) to assist you in transforming. Here are examples of three ways you can benefit from using this remarkable tool. Continue reading “Visualizing the Life You Desire”