Everyday Meditation: Blue Sky Mind

CloudsMeditation is becoming aware of the vital stillness and hearing within that stillness. It is the stillness that’s naturally present before you become attached to thoughts and things; before you identify with thought-feeling-reaction.

In this meditation you will be using the visualization of a blue sky with clouds passing through it as the “virtuous” object of your meditation.  Continue reading

A Basket of Kindness

Yesterday, we were the beneficiaries of a random act of kindness. After a long day of renovating and painting, while still running our business, we cleaned up and collapsed on our deck to discuss our plans for supper. I haven’t been feeling well lately and we had just agreed we were both too tired to get into cooking, when we heard a car winding down our long driveway. We both groaned. We were hot, tired and not desirous of company, but we had forgotten to close the gate. Continue reading

Learning One Minute Meditation

peace archThis summer my friends who are also in their autumn years came to visit with their three girls. Though they thought they were finished with parenting years ago, due to unusual family circumstances they are parenting again. We had a marvelous time together and throughout the month they visited we taught the girls several simple meditation practices. In this post I’m going to share one of them. It’s a very simple meditation that anyone can use any place and any time to experience one minute of deep relaxation and peace. Continue reading

Exploring Spaciousness: Experiencing Peace

sky In Are You Afraid of Stillness and Space? Part 1, Sandra Pawula suggests nourishing yourself with space. She explains how space is a vital element that brings balance into our lives, helping to keep stress, distress, and illness at bay.

In Are You Afraid of Stillness and Space? Part 2   Sandra’s  advice is to  slowly break free of our driving need to do and to accomplish and begin nurturing ourselves with small, less threatening doses of space. Continue reading

Buddhist Meditation: Mindful Breathing Practice

rsz_wispycloudsThe traditional Buddhist meditation technique is Mindful Breathing Practice. The goal is to attain a state of deep peace in the present moment, characterized by total immersion of the mind in its object and progressive elimination of thoughts and emotions. The benefit of learning Mindful Breathing Practice is being able to use it to cope with  stress and improve relationships in our everyday lives. Continue reading

Have you visited Mediheaven?

Meditainment Ltd. is the producer and developer of MediHeaven, a virtual world for meditation. In addition, it serves over one million downloads each year from its audio library.

This is a commercial site aimed at creating “affiliates”, however, there are some “freebies”, as well.

Upon arrival in MediHeaven, the MIND COACH asks you questions about the things you want and the way you feel. She then guides you on a uniquely suited meditation. You’ll need 20 minutes for this.

You will count yourself down through seven levels of relaxation and then feel like you’re in paradise. It just takes 4 to 6 minutes and it’s free.

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Here's Your Break

“Often we feel the need to find some tranquility in the otherwise frenzied experience we define as life. We need to step away — find some peace so we can let go of our daily worries — cleanse them from our beings. Like stepping into a forest, this meditation will teach you that calmness can surround you and fill your senses. This serenity allows us to leave everything else behind and ease our minds and bodies so that we can take life on again with a fresh and more peaceful approach. Use this meditation to reach a state of peaceful and mindful thought. About the Author

To listen to these meditations, you will need a speaker hooked up to your computer and the RealNetwork’s RealPlayer(TM) application. It is easy to get. If you do not have the player, click here to download it now.

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