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First Drug for Fibromyalgia pain in Canada

Relief in sight for Canadians suffering from a common chronic widespread pain condition KIRKLAND, QC, May 12 /CNW/ – Pfizer Canada Inc. announced today that LYRICA(R) (pregabalin) is now indicated for the management of pain associated with fibromyalgia, giving the approximately one million Canadians who suffer from this debilitating condition a key component towards managing … Continue reading

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Internet relationships: When the walls fall down

A 45-year-old executive finds he’s no longer able to sleep at night so he’s, chatting online with female internet addicts like himself for hours on end.

A teacher stays up late night after night playing online fantasy games wherein she slays an imaginary foe.

A single mom homemaker turns on the computer when the kids go to bed. When they wake up, she’s still there, talking about sex and relationships in an online chat room. Continue reading

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Easter and Spring Equinox Greetings

Easter is derived from two ancient traditions: Pagan and Judeo-Christian. Easter celebration is definitely traceable all the way back to ancient Babylonian trinitarian paganism, Circa 1500 B.C. Pagans have celebrated death and rebirth themes following the Spring Equinox for millennia. Passover Pasch can be traced to a pre-Israelite pagan ritual practiced by wandering Semitic shepherds. Continue reading

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International Women's Day: A Downer

This year I did not take part in the Bloggers’ Unite International Women’s Day event because I could not overlook this irony. Just days prior to International Women’s Day our Canadian government passed a bill that legislates away the right of women who are public sector workers to file complaints for pay equity with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Continue reading

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Online or offline: Ears hear and hearts listen

Ears hear – hearing is easy. Hearts listen and listening is hard work. You can hear without listening but you cannot listen without “turning off your filters” and becoming one with the speaker in order to discover their truth within you as they speak. When we are communication online we are, in essence, sensory deprived. Therefore it’s not surprising that listening with our hearts is more difficult to achieve online than it is to achieve in person. Continue reading

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Failures: Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones?

Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something. — Morihei Ueshiba The kind of self- protective mindset that dictates that we only undertake things that we know we won’t fail at is a barrier to moving forward. Holding onto that  prevents us from taking risks and failing.  That’s unfortunate because failing is … Continue reading

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Political correctness: What’s your position?

What I have a problem with is those people who are double minded. One on hand, they say they uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights. On the other they are determined to keep discrimination alive in both their language and their behaviors in public spaces and places, while huddling under the banner of freedom of speech, seemly unable to comprehend that the constraint is on government and only applies to public places and spaces. Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Happy Holidays! Whichever ones apply: Jewish, Christian, Pagan, secular! People of goodwill are not particular, Perhaps because all people yearn for friends. Year’s end’s a time of darkness, true, but when Has darkness ever darkened one small light? Our pleasures are like candles in the night, Lighting lamps that burn beyond our ken. … Continue reading

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Self-Care for Mild to Moderate PMS

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)  A large number of women (30 to 70 per cent) experience premenstrual symptoms even though they do not have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder or what most people refer to as PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome). Approximately four to nine per cent experience Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Even though premenstrual women may … Continue reading

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Poverty: America's Best Kept Secret

I think Americans are capable of addressing and solving the poverty created by the class structure, self-interest, individual and corporate greed, conquests and wars and, the inappropriate distribution of resources including water, food and medical assistance that lead to poverty, starvation and death. IMO it’s shameful that earth’s most wealthy nations continue to destroy other … Continue reading