Does Solitude Have a Place in Your Life?
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Does Solitude Have a Place in Your Life?

Though it’s technically possible to be connected thousands of people thousands of miles away—anytime, anywhere—too much of a good thing can lead to a bad place. Solitude is a human need and to deny it is unhealthy for both mind and body. Living in a technologically connected 24/7 society that undervalues solitude and overvalues attachment … Continue reading

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I won!

Lana Gramlich is an award-winning international artist/photographer, amateur naturalist and astronomer and my friend.  The Dreaming Tree is her personal blog which includes posts on visual arts, dreaming and natural sciences (astronomy, parklands, etc.) among other things. I  subscribed to Lana’s  Eye Candy Visual Arts Newsletter and in the November draw for an 8 x … Continue reading

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Joy, Love and Peace

The days of  making homemade Christmas cards and writing Christmas letters on store bought cards to send them off to others by mail are fast disappearing. Statistics are showing that, even more so than other years, Christmas greetings 2010 are increasingly being sent via ecards due to convenience and the instantaneous communication that internet provides. … Continue reading

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Love Dream Musica

New Video – Love Dream Musica – リラクゼーション音楽 Marcome Marcome’s world of ambient New Age music has a special quality that draws me. Her energy speaks of inner strength and optimism. This latest video remix offers a unique mix of serene sound and kinetic, electronic images. Find out more about Marcome, her philosophy, her music … Continue reading

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Congratulations Claire!

This post is dedicated to Claire, an authentic, artistically creative blogger, who keeps one of the best personal development blogs titled A little piece of me I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Claire’s readers experience her authenticity shining through her text, doodles and photography. She’s just celebrated her 4th blog anniversary so please … Continue reading