Butt Out and Live Longer

smokingWhen I made the decision take better care of myself ie. to love myself I made several changes. The most important thing I could do to improve my health was quitting smoking. Butting out to live longer was not easy but I did make it after several attempts. Continue reading “Butt Out and Live Longer”

Doing Less, Producing More, Feeling Great

flowerI have finally learned a life lesson I have failed to learn many times before.  Being productive isn’t about doing more. Being productive is about doing less and doing what I choose to do better. Continue reading “Doing Less, Producing More, Feeling Great”

Head Start on Heart Health

It’s never too early to start thinking about how to reduce your risk of a heart attack and stroke. Women have unique health needs, and most diseases affect women differently than men. There’s no time like the present to become well-informed about the health issues that impact women most. Continue reading “Head Start on Heart Health”

Thinking Pink? Think Twice

Breast cancer is scary. It’s the second leading cause of cancer in women. Scarier still are the corporate-funded campaigns and government complicity in the pervasive pinkwashing that’s featured every October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, while the chemicals of concern are still in the products on supermarket shelves. Continue reading “Thinking Pink? Think Twice”

Last Minute Reprieve

drinking waterWhew! Am I ever relieved. It seems I won’t be hospitalized. I bought a new robe and slippers and upon returning home I got a call from my urologist. The ultrasound which is more accurate shows one stone left but the x-ray does not reveal it. We are hoping the stone will dissolve and become smaller and I’ll pass it. Continue reading “Last Minute Reprieve”

A Silver Lining


I was disappointed to find out the results of my ultrasound pointed to surgery. My perception was that hospital was a negative place to be going and I was feeling down because I was afraid. You see, my brother, who died just a year ago contracted two hospital born diseases (hepatitis C and MRSA) and I chose to focus on that so fear arose. Continue reading “A Silver Lining”

August: Where did it go?

abstract collage 1

August 29, 2013 – Wow! Where did the month go?

August is my favorite month of the year and this year it just seemed to slip away. The month was punctuated with several memorable visits and gatherings which I enjoyed so much. And, we have plans to share this the last summer long weekend with friends.

Granted I wasn’t up to  functioning at a high level this month and maybe that’s a good thing as I do tend to overdo every summer. But I didn’t expect to have a crash course in what kidney stones were all about. Continue reading “August: Where did it go?”

Chill Out With A Dozen Cool Summer Drinks

3 smoothie drinksUp to 75% of the body’s weight is made up of water and we all have to drink a significant amount of water to replace routine water loss.  Dehydration occurs when the amount of water leaving the body is greater than the amount being taken in.  And summer time is when the risk of dehydration soars along with the temperature.  One way to make sure we beat the heat, chill out and drink enough water is to make some cool summer beverages. Continue reading “Chill Out With A Dozen Cool Summer Drinks”

Herbal Teas for You and Me

herbal teaDespite the prevailing myths to the contrary,  caffeine has few proven health benefits. Caffeine sensitivity varies from person to person depending on metabolism and the amount consumed but some people like me experience nervousness and stomach upset when drinking it. Those are  just two reasons why herbal teas are a better beverage choice for me.  Perhaps they are a better choice for you too. Continue reading “Herbal Teas for You and Me”

Take care of what’s between your ears

intersectionsA genius is a talented person who has an exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.  It’s those who transcend boundaries such as those of the time and space continuum and provide solutions that extend into the future who we recognize as geniuses. However, if we pause to consider the definition we may recognize that there’s genius in all of us as humans are problem solvers and problem solving is genius.  Continue reading “Take care of what’s between your ears”

Looking Forward a Stress Free Future

bright yellow lotus

Last autumn was a good time to renew my strategy for the future because I recognized there is no magic potion that will guarantee a long, healthy life. I made an assessment of where I was at and where I wanted to be. Continue reading “Looking Forward a Stress Free Future”

Re-energizing After a Lay-Off

energyEveryone is familiar with energy drain. Researchers are studying the links between what we eat, how we work and live and how we feel.  There are different kinds of fatigue and different ways to improve your energy level.  How do you know if your low energy is caused by underlying disease or is the result of lifestyle factors, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, or normal aging? Continue reading “Re-energizing After a Lay-Off”

A Difficult Week in Review

smallLast week was typical week for me.  I was busy and productive and though I had to deal with several difficult people I was happy.

I have resolved not to shun the so-called difficult people in my life for two self serving reasons. They teach me important lessons about myself, and learning from them provides  opportunities for my growth.

I acknowledged that every person in my life is my mirror. By remaining aware that each one was reflecting aspects of my own consciousness back to me,  I was able not to take their negativity personally. Continue reading “A Difficult Week in Review”

Starting Over: Working Through Pain and Developing Inner Strength

start-overEven when the mere idea of walking around the block makes you want to  crawl back under the covers and never surface again, exercise is essential for people with arthritis and fibromyalgia. Working through stiffness and pain requires accepting responsibility to become your own healer and summoning the courage required to stay the course. When you have had an exercise program and  abandoned it, starting over again is a shame-filled, fear-filled and painful challenge to overcome.  Continue reading “Starting Over: Working Through Pain and Developing Inner Strength”

7 Energizing Snack Foods for Optimum Health

good foodToday’s nutrition message is ‘dump the junk; eat real food’.  I heard the call to eat healthy and enjoy life and acted on it.  Have you?

Obesity, heart disease and strokes are prevalent. It’s clear that many people aren’t either wise or moderate when it comes to the variety of foods and quantities they consume.  So it’s no surprise the nutrition pendulum has swung back toward eating unaltered food that is as close as possible to the way nature made it. Continue reading “7 Energizing Snack Foods for Optimum Health”

Train Your Brain to Become Happier

Protected by Copyscape Online Infringement Detector Depression has played a major role in my life since I was a child. There have been many times I had to struggle to make the happiness choice minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day.

Granted in some cases of depression therapeutic intervention may be necessary.  But I am unable to take pharmaceutical drugs due to allergic responses so I have to rely on keeping my physical health and mental health in balance through alternative means. Continue reading “Train Your Brain to Become Happier”

Time Keeps on Ticking into the Future

paradox clockTime influences who we are as a person, how we view relationships and how we act in the world. Our attitudes to time and the way we use it, reveals much about our personality, attitudes and philosophy.

Do you race to beat the clock? Or do you have too much time on your hands?

Continue reading “Time Keeps on Ticking into the Future”

Learn to Include More Humour in your Life

sunflower smile
Anticipation of laughter reduces potentially detrimental stress hormones. Credit: iStockphoto/Nicole S. Young

Learning to include more humour in your life can have a significant effect on your overall health. Being able to see the funny side of things can produce general health benefits, and can also help to build and reinforce relationships. Some ways to boost your humour levels include not taking yourself as seriously, while knowing how to use humour in different situations, and without creating awkward situations or causing offense. By following some of the tips below, it is possible to understand and develop the value of humour for your wellbeing. Continue reading “Learn to Include More Humour in your Life”

The Advantages of Buying Locally

veggie basket Although the term “buying locally” can refer to a number of products, produce purchased from farmer’s markets, food co-ops, and local food stands is what usually comes to mind. And though it may be more convenient to have a one-stop-shop for all of your grocery needs, there are some definite benefits to buying your food from a local source, which includes: Continue reading “The Advantages of Buying Locally”

The Power of the Smile

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart. — Anthony J. D’Angelo

There are hundreds of different variations of smiles expressing the full range of human emotion.  From Charles Darwin’s  facial expressions interpretations to Stanford University’s “Happiness” class — smile scholars have puzzled over the range of emotions smile depict. Experts including anthropologists, biologists and psychologists agree, the smile is recognizable worldwide and can be viewed as an international language understood by people across all cultures.

Continue reading “The Power of the Smile”

Health and Vegetarian Diets

vegeatblesMy Food Guide by Health Canada allows you to build your own Food Guide with foods that you like. The wide selection of foods from each of the four food groups, including multicultural food choices can help you plan your meals and snacks. By entering personal information, selecting various items from the four food groups and choosing different types of physical activities, you can create a customized personal health tool. Continue reading “Health and Vegetarian Diets”

Spring is Cherry Blossom Time

Cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms (Photo credit: bcostin)

The cherry blossom season from March to mid-April is a relatively short and brilliantly beautiful beginning of  spring.  Cherry blossoms are the quintessential expression of Mono no aware. It’s the Japanese aesthetic concept that highlights awareness of the inherent transience and impermanence of all things.  The custom of hanami dates back many centuries in Japan: the eighth-century chronicle Nihon Shoki (日本書紀) records hanami festivals being held as early as the third century CE — Cherry Blossom And, while we Westerners think about death and rebirth in the fall, the Japanese think about death and rebirth in the spring. Continue reading “Spring is Cherry Blossom Time”

Blues Be Gone Aromatherapy Bubblebath Recipes

The Blue Suntory Rose was created by implanting the gene that leads to the synthesis of the blue pigment Delphinium in Pansies.

Homemade bubblebath is easy to make and I have two seasonal homemade bubblebath recipes to share in this post.

The color blue is a mentally-relaxing color that has a pacifying effect and encourages relaxation. It’s frequently used in bedrooms and hospitals for calming hyperactivity and evoking sleep.

The calming effect is also uplifting on a spiritual level for the color blue is associated with water, with the sky and the universe beyond.

But there’s another kind of blueness. It’s estimated that 15% of Canadians suffer from a combination of lack of sunlight and activity and experience the symptoms of winter blues AKA Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Overcoming the winter blues is challenging and part of my strategy for coping is aromatherapy.

Continue reading “Blues Be Gone Aromatherapy Bubblebath Recipes”

Celebration of Health Posts 2011

My purpose is to live consciously and courageously in the now moment, to resonate with love and compassion, and to leave this world in peace. My overall goal is to take good care of myself and live my life to the fullest.  Developing self-compassion and achieving my health and wellness goals has meant overcoming many barriers by use of skillful means.

Continue reading “Celebration of Health Posts 2011″

Hope and Happiness as Skillfull Means

happy sad masks We are well aware that depressed people have a brain chemical imbalance that requires clinical treatment, yet we all have blue moods. Pacification and distraction form the foundation for making the choice to think and do what helps us lift our spirits and change our moods from negative to positive. Continue reading “Hope and Happiness as Skillfull Means”

8 Fibromylagia Therapies

People with fibromyalgia experience a range of symptoms of varying intensities that wax and wane. Those symptoms are usually invisible to others  and many people with fibromyalgia push themselves too far until they trigger collapse.  What’s  key to well-being for people with fibromylagia is  taking charge of their own health,  employing  effective therapies,  learning how to cope,  and maintaining a positive attitude. Continue reading “8 Fibromylagia Therapies”

Animal Companionship and Stress Reduction

tashiThe value of friendship is something that few people take time to really appreciate. When you need a friend, you realize just what kind of value friendship holds. I also value the companionship of my pets and consider them to be my friends too.  I derive so much health and wellness and fun from my relationships with my pets, who are capable of unconditional love and unerring loyalty.

Continue reading “Animal Companionship and Stress Reduction”

Butterflies and Life Transformations

This week I visited my friend in her garden. There we spoke of the many transformative changes in our lives and in the world around us, as we watched butterflies and hummingbirds lighting on milkweed and on butterfly bushes (Buddleia davidii). Continue reading “Butterflies and Life Transformations”

Seed Thoughts From the Garden

leaf backgroundGardeners are perennial optimists.  In the cold of winter they  pour over seed catalogs making plans for a new beginning in spring.  Come spring they plant their seeds — seeds that are  symbols of potential,  each one carefully sown by a hopeful gardener who intends to care for them throughout their life cycle. When planted in the correct soil, at the correct depth,  at the correct time,  and watered the seeds become sprouts that break through the sun-warmed earth and reach for the sky. Continue reading “Seed Thoughts From the Garden”

A New Attitude: Can Do!

sad face happy face Resisting change is innate in the human psyche rooted deeply in our fear and desire to control.  Grumpiness is the negative attitude that arises when  we are faced with the truth and choose to resist reality —  we can’t control anything other than what we are doing in the moment. Continue reading “A New Attitude: Can Do!”

Exploring Spaciousness: Experiencing Peace

sky In Are You Afraid of Stillness and Space? Part 1, Sandra Pawula suggests nourishing yourself with space. She explains how space is a vital element that brings balance into our lives, helping to keep stress, distress, and illness at bay.

In Are You Afraid of Stillness and Space? Part 2   Sandra’s  advice is to  slowly break free of our driving need to do and to accomplish and begin nurturing ourselves with small, less threatening doses of space. Continue reading “Exploring Spaciousness: Experiencing Peace”


Forbidden Foods for Fibromyalgia

fruit salad February was a tumultuous month. March wasn’t much better as end of the year accounting, contract deadlines and tax calculations were on the menu.  I became stressed out, failed to get enough sleep, and didn’t monitor my diet as well as I should have. The result was a fibromyalgia flare-up from which I am now recovering. Continue reading “Forbidden Foods for Fibromyalgia”

Eat Healthy and Enjoy Life

vegetablesWe’ve known for many years that certain foods promote good health — especially fruits, vegetables, fiber, plant oils, and whole grains. But the latest nutritional science shows that there is not a single “healthy diet.” Instead, there are many patterns of eating around the world that sustain good health. A healthy eating pattern also includes enough energy (calories) to fuel the body, but not so much as to cause weight gain. Continue reading “Eat Healthy and Enjoy Life”

Coping with Arthritis

arthritis hands pain imageArthritis affects 46 million people in the U.S. That’s nearly one in five people. There are more than 100 types of arthritis, but the most common is osteoarthritis. It affects men and women in equal numbers.  Arthritis is not an inevitable part of aging, most people develop osteoarthritis after 45, but it can occur at any age. And the good news is that there  are now better treatments to relieve pain, stiffness, and discomfort. Continue reading “Coping with Arthritis”

Lightening Up for SAD

winter sun bare tree February is the time of year when people start complaining about the winter blues. If you spend too much time indoors you could be singing the blues along with them.

Two hundred years ago the working hours of the day were between sunrise and sunset. 75% of the population worked outdoors. Now less than 10% of the population work in natural outdoor light.

There is no doubt that weather affects people’s moods and that weather triggered mood shifts do not affect most people’s ability to cope with daily life. However, some people are vulnerable to a type of depression that follows a seasonal pattern. For us the shortening days of late autumn are the beginning of a type of clinical depression called “Seasonal Affective Disorder,” or SAD that can last until spring. Continue reading “Lightening Up for SAD”

Bach Flower Remedies For You


This summer I  shared my experiences as a  person with invisible disabilities (fibromylagia, chronic fatigue,  multiple food and drug allergies) and how I have learned to take care of myself by overcoming chronic illness and stress.

Without doubt the quality of my life experience is influenced by my attitude.  Happiness is a state of mind and we can achieve it by making the choice to be contented with our lives as is and grateful for what we do have, despite our circumstances. Continue reading “Bach Flower Remedies For You”

Aromatherapy is alternative medicine

Massage in Frankfurt, Germany
Image via Wikipedia

I’m an aging woman coping with disabilities including fibromyalgia and focused on improving my life. I use many alternative medicine methods to reduce stress and to control pain and I share them with my readers in this personal development, self improvement and conscious living blog.  Three of my mainstays are aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies and massage. Continue reading “Aromatherapy is alternative medicine”

Smartphone Apps for Health

woman holding smartphoneI don’t own a cellphone or a Smartphone and was amazed to see my friend’s using them to monitor their health  while they were visiting.  I went online and did some exploring and what I found is fascinating.  Without doubt the online health‐information environment is going mobile.

Roughly 85 percent of  American adults have cell phones but most do not have Smartphones (iPhones, Blackberries and Androids); the figure for Smartphone use in the US  is about 20 percent.  According to a new report from research2guidance in 2015 there will be 1.4 billion Smartphone users and 500 million of them will use health applications.

The Pew Internet Project’s latest survey of American adults, conducted in association with the California HealthCare Foundation, revealed 17 percent of cell phone users look up health or medical information on their device. And many also have health-related apps on their Smartphones to get nutrition information, count calories, calculate body mass index and learn new exercises.

“I was surprised to see that almost one in ten cell phone users have a health app. I thought it would be lower,” said Susannah Fox, Associate Director of Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and author of the report.

4 smartphones The creation of Smartphone  applications related to health and health care is  moving quickly. As of February 2010, there were nearly 6,000 such apps within the Apple AppStore. Of these, 73% were intended for use by consumer or patient end-users, while 27% were targeted to health care professionals.

Medical professionals are proving to be the early adopters with 64% of US physicians already carrying Smartphones, as do 99% of residents. Pocket sized Smartphones  equipped with applications are clinical tools  that are  rapidly being adopted by physicians for transferring medical information. Apps geared to doctors include alerts, medical reference tools, diagnostic tools, continuing medical education, and patient records programs. Consumer-oriented apps include those for medication compliance, mobile and home monitoring, home care, managing conditions, and wellness/fitness.


The November 2010 issue of the Harvard Health Letter describes some of the highest-rated and most widely used smartphone iPhone and Android apps for common health problems. The apps reviewed are divided into Fitness and weight control, Diabetes management, High blood pressure, Stress Reduction, First aid,Hearing and vision assist, Not for doctors only. I homed in on the Stress Reduction apps reviews and discovered these two:

If you’re really stressed, keep an eye out for iBreathe, developed by the Department of Defense’s National Center for Telehealth and Technology. Designed for troops under the pressures of combat, it uses videos to coach you through deep-breathing exercises and can be used as an adjunct to professional therapy. You should be able to get it on your iPhone or Android early in 2011.

Rage Eraser is the app for you if you’re mad as hell and can’t take yourself any more. You may want to start by using the “Rant” feature to record your next tirade and listen to yourself after you cool down. The app can help you track the situations that trigger your anger and identify the distorted thoughts that feed it. There are male and female voices to talk you down from a tantrum in progress as well as techniques for transforming your anger into more productive emotions over time. It’s $4.99 for iPhones only.

Survey: Health Apps a Big Hit on Smartphones
How Smartphones Are Changing Health Care for Consumers and Providers (877k) PDF

The times they are a changing — doctors are always on the move from hospital, to office, to home and the mobile device goes with them. Personal visits will never disappear — stethoscope, bedside EKG, ultrasound, pulse oximetry, blood-pressure monitor, glucose monitor mean doctors will have access to these types of monitoring capabilities when they tend patients at in their office, in the hospital, or in the patient’s home.

Do you own a Smartphone?
If you do, then do you use it for any health related purposes?

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Art Therapy: Abstract Painting

We begin our lives being spontaneous happy and playful. Challenging circumstances,  relationships and events in our lives can cause us to lose that childhood sense of wonder and joyfulness. That loss can result in depression ie. a mental state in which we don’t feel happy to be alive any more, and some of us are haunted by PTSD flashbacks to traumatic events in the past.

I suffer from depression and I have previously published articles in this blog on happiness.  Every day I focus on creating happiness between my ears, and this summer being with children gave me the creative boost I needed to start painting abstracts. Continue reading “Art Therapy: Abstract Painting”

Are your cosmetics hazardous to your health?

We live in youth obsessed society and the vast array of cosmetics available to us are evidence of  our determination to pursue and project a youthful  external image to the grave. Pervasive and persuasive advertising cosmetics industry campaigns have created a highly lucrative and growing market for anti-aging  and  presumed beauty creating products. There’s  also cross-over marketing that targets beauty product consumers by purporting  such products can do much for their health.  But is that true? Continue reading “Are your cosmetics hazardous to your health?”

B12: A Myth and A Note of Caution

B12 bacteriaVitamin B12 is water-soluble and  is needed by every cell in the body. B12 is a vitamin required for blood formation and rapidly growing tissues. Many people say that the only foods which contain vitamin B12 are animal-derived foods.  This  is untrue.  No foods naturally contain vitamin B12 – neither animal or plant foods.  Vitamin B12 is a microbe – a bacteria – it is produced by microorganisms. Vitamin B12 is the only vitamin that contains a trace element – cobalt – which gives this vitamin its chemical name – cobalamin – which is at the centre of its molecular structure.  Humans and all vertebrates require cobalt, although it is assimilated only in the form of vitamin B12.

b12 foodsVitamin B12 is produced exclusively by microorganisms, but is also found in animal flesh due to ingestion, or presence of the micro organisms in the gut. However, since grazing “meat animals” tend to accumulate heavy metals from the environment, it might be suggested that animal sources of B12 are not as “good” a source as might be supposed.

B12 deficiency is most common in elderly white men and least common in black and Asian American women. Hyperhomocysteinemia, which is most strongly associated with low cobalamin concentrations, is also most common in elderly whites, whereas that associated with renal insufficiency is more common in blacks and Asian Americans. Ethnic differences in cobalamin deficiency and the homocysteine patterns associated with it or with renal insufficiency warrant consideration in supplementation strategies.

B vitamins-B-6, B-12 and folate-all nourish the brain. But much remains to be discovered about the relation between these essential nutrients and our brainpower. Low levels of folate are associated with symptoms of depression.  More research is needed because many studies of B vitamins and brain function have given inconsistent or conflicting results.

By now, readers of IVU Online News should aware that vegetarians need to pay attention to their B12 levels. As Dr Michael Greger explains in this video (starting about minute 13) from our friends at Vegetarian Society of Hawaii The Latest in Nutrition (see  also the  VSH Lecture Videos website for  talks by other experts), the consequences of low B12 levels are very serious, including death and lifelong incapacitation.

A recent study comparing B12 levels among meat eaters, lacto ovo vegetarians and vegetarians produced findings strongly suggesting that vegetarians on plant based diets may be more susceptible to low B12 levels and their consequences.

Conclusion: Vegans have lower vitamin B12 concentrations, but higher folate concentrations, than vegetarians and omnivores. Half of the vegans were categorized as vitamin B12 deficient and would be expected to have a higher risk of developing clinical symptoms related to vitamin B12 deficiency.

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2010 Jul 21 Serum concentrations of vitamin B12 and folate in British male omnivores, vegetarians and vegans: results from a cross-sectional analysis of the EPIC-Oxford cohort study.

Gilsing AM, Crowe FL, Lloyd-Wright Z, Sanders TA, Appleby PN, Allen NE, Key TJ. Cancer Epidemiology Unit, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.

vegetarian food pyramidThe B12  dietary sources are animal products meat: fish, poultry, eggs and milk; and nutritional yeast.  Vegans, who consume no animal foods, must take a B12 supplement or eat plant foods fortified with the vitamin. There are many vegan foods fortified with B12. They include non-dairy milks, meat substitutes, breakfast cereals, and one type of nutritional yeast.

The requirement for vitamin B12 is very low. Non-animal sources include Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula or T-6635+ nutritional yeast (a little less than 1 Tablespoon supplies the adult RDA), and vitamin B12 fortified soymilk. It is especially important for pregnant and lactating women, infants, and children to have reliable sources of vitamin B12 in their diets. Excerpted from the book Simply Vegan: Quick Vegetarian Meals by Debra Wasserman.

What Every Vegan Should Know About Vitamin B12

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End the War on Drugs

leafMarijuana  is used throughout the world for diverse purposes and has a long history. In Chinese medicine marijuana  is one of the fundamental herbs.  In shamanic medicine in North America it also has a lengthy history of use. Although smoking is thought to be the most common form of ingestion, there are many  healthy alternatives to smoking including vaporizing, cooking and baking, making tinctures, sprays and extracts. Continue reading “End the War on Drugs”

Beating the Heat

Last night I had several dreams and every one of them had the same theme –  cooling down. From standing under a waterfall,  to being caught in a snow storm, to being stranded on an iceberg, and shivering in an ice cave my sub-conscious mind supplied me with my deepest desire which was to be cool. So I hauled a mattress out onto the deck where my husband was already sleeping, pulled a sheet over me, and continued to dream cold dreams. Continue reading “Beating the Heat”

Acai Berry Scammers on FTC Radar

After my blog was repeatedly spammed by acia berry scammers I asked around and found that I knew some folks who had been sucked in by the scammers.  They signed up for a supposed  ‘risk free’ trial and then their credit cards were  illegally billed over and over.  Yes, açaí berry pills are offered through a ponzi style scheme called “negative option” advertising. I became annoyed and did some reaseach that led to me publishing  Fraud Alert! Acai Berry Scam

Well, today I have just read some very good news:

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said today, a U.S. district court has ordered the marketers of acai berry supplements and other products to stop an Internet sales scheme that allegedly scammed people out of $30 million or more in 2009 through deceptive advertising and unfair billing practices.  — Read FTC Goes After Acai Berry Internet Marketers

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Yoga, Aging, Intimacy & Sexuality

thekissTouching is a vital human need and an essential ingredient for healthy relationships. Studies have shown that without touching, many animals – including humans – will die in childhood. Being caressed also lowers blood pressure and releases natural opiates in the brain, as well as the chemical oxytocin, which is essential for human pair-bonding. Continue reading “Yoga, Aging, Intimacy & Sexuality”

Overcoming Chronic Illness and Stress

purple flowerOver the course of 3 years I have avoided becoming too personal in this blog, lest I become maudlin and repel readers. Today I’m choosing to share my experiences as a  person with invisible disabilities (fibromylagia, chronic fatigue,  multiple food and drug allergies) and how I have learned to take care of myself.  Hopefully, my readers will share what they do to take care of themselves in return. Continue reading “Overcoming Chronic Illness and Stress”