Loving Lentils

I have used lentils to make Dahl Soup and lentils in salads for years, but then I ate a great Lentil Lemon Soup my friend made and asked for the recipe, and now I’m in love with lentils.

Celebrating Strawberries

Fresh, flavorful locally harvested foods are available at the Farmer’s Market in May and June. A variety of crops harvested in fall (squash, apples, endive, garlic, grapes, figs, mushrooms) and winter (kale, radishes, turnips, leeks), complimented by tender spring vegetables and berries grace the stalls and tables.

Sorbets and Sherbets: Sensational Iced Summer Desserts

Sorbets and Sherbets are two sensational iced summer desserts with a vegetarian difference. Both are made with the same base ingredients ie. puréed fruits, sugar and water, but Sherbets can also contain milk, gelatin, or egg whites. Sorbets do not contain any eggs or dairy products and that makes them vegetarian sweets.

Herbal Teas for You and Me

Despite the prevailing myths to the contrary,  caffeine has few proven health benefits. Caffeine sensitivity varies from person to person depending on metabolism and the amount consumed but some people like me experience nervousness and stomach upset when drinking it. Those are  just two reasons why herbal teas are a better beverage choice for me. …

Healthy Snacks for Kids by Kids

As most of the diseases humans of all ages suffer from are self-inflicted and many of them are “food – centered”, parents/caregivers and kids making lunches and snacks together is preventative medicine. Taking to time to make kids part of the food selection and preparation process early on means they learn what their bodies actually…

Summer Lingers – Give Thanks

It’s been a long hot summer and though it’s officially fall, summer weather isn’t over yet.  In August and September the Lower Mainland of B.C.  and Vancouver Island  broke a 119 year dry-spell record. We had only 5 mm of precipitation in September and 2.9 mm in August. The woods are tinder dry and we…

2 Broccoli and Cauliflower Recipes

The key to successful winter gardening is knowing the average date of the first killing frost in your region and planting winter vegetable crops early enough to reach their full maturity before that frost. Gardeners here grow over 20 kinds of hardy winter vegetables. They know what to grow, when to plant (late June to…

Grandma’s Christmas Goodies Tins

The exchange of Christmas Goodies Tins is a family tradition. As my great-grandmother and grandmother had done before them, my mother and her sisters made baked goodies, peanut brittle and fudge every winter.  The goodies they made were stored in Christmas Goodies Tins and gifted to others during the holiday season. 

Blackberry Bars and Chewy Bars

Make this holiday season more personal by baking your own gorgeous gourmet gifts. They don’t take much time to make but are a wonderful way to express your affection. Homemade gifts are the best kind to receive, particularly when they’re edible and nicely packaged in reusable boxes and wrapping paper.

Mocha Shortbread Cookies

Scottish shortbreads are of my favorite cookies. Good shortbread will literally melt when you take a bite. Mocha Shortbread Cookies are popular at Solstice/Christmas parties and great for small gift packages too.

Holiday Eggnog and Eggnog Truffles

Eggnog during Christmas season is a tradition that I share with people from around the world.  Granted I have met a few people who don’t like it but almost everyone I know loves it.  The recipe I have posted below is a very simple one that I have made many times but first some history…

Two Canadian Pumpkin Soups

The frost is still to come but  it’s cold outside and the daylight ends early. When days are short and nights are long I usually think about cooking comfort food. This post contains recipes for two pumpkin soups that my friends and I enjoyed at Canadian Thanksgiving dinner and I hope my readers will try them…