In Praise of Urban Farming
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In Praise of Urban Farming

After World War II urban planning separated farming and city living. Cities became food deserts overshadowed by high rises; family farms were replaced by factory farms. As time passed awareness about what we eat, how it’s produced, and concerns about health and environment issues led to a resurgence of backyard gardening, and the emergence of … Continue reading

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7 Energizing Snack Foods for Optimum Health

Today’s nutrition message is ‘dump the junk; eat real food’.  I heard the call to eat healthy and enjoy life and acted on it.  Have you? Obesity, heart disease and strokes are prevalent. It’s clear that many people aren’t either wise or moderate when it comes to the variety of foods and quantities they consume.  So … Continue reading

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Do You Grow Your Greens?

Germaine Greer once said: A garden is the best alternative therapy. A garden is a friend you can visit any time. I heartily agree.  Humans have a deep need to connect with nature. Gardening is a close to nature activity that  many studies have  shown offers health related benefits. The benefits include  improved nutrition, exercise, … Continue reading

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Celebrate Earth Day with better food choices

It is important that humans begin supporting organic or small farms, local production and sustainable techniques while harvesting increased yields and protecting the topsoil. The time for action is now, before the world’s rich farmland washes into the sea, and before chemical pesticides and fertilizers cause any more harm to our drinking water and our … Continue reading


Going Organic

According to researchers from the University of Michigan, who analyzed data from nearly 300 studies comparing organic yields with non-organic yields in both developing and developed countries, organic farms can produce enough food to support the world’s population. The researchers concluded that organic farming methods could support the world’s current population, and potentially an even … Continue reading


Going Vegetarian

There are very few choices in our day-to-day lives that make a significant impact on the world around us, but what we choose to eat does. Eating meat supports global poverty and worker abuse, harms the environment, supports cruelty to animals, and is bad for our health. Vegetarianism is the self-empowerment diet; at every meal, … Continue reading


Green Cuisine

The Union of Concerned Scientists is excited to bring you a brand new seasonal web feature—Green Cuisine: Earth-friendly, healthy recipes from top chefs and local farmers. Green Cuisine will profile local chef-farmer partnerships and the creative, healthy, sustainable dishes that result from these collaborations. For summer, the spotlight is on delicious and juicy farm-fresh tomatoes, … Continue reading

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Peaches: The Most Erotic Fruit

“No fruit is more laden with erotic metaphor” according to Alan Davidson, author of The Oxford Companion to Food.  Included is an easy, simple recipe for peach salsa that can be assembled in minutes, is non-fat and full of vitamins, and utilizes this most marvelous of summer fruits. This is great over any grilled fish, … Continue reading