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Nuclear Power: When will we ever learn?

March 11th was the anniversary of the devastating tsunami that struck Japan’s Tohoku region, which was triggered by a submarine earthquake far more massive than anything geologists had expected in that zone. That tsunami wiped out Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi plant and in doing so, washed away the people’s confidence in nuclear power. Continue reading


Let it Snow

The Gulf Islands are a chain of islands located between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia. From the air in summer time the 13 major islands and  450 smaller islands look like emeralds in a bracelet. This week those emerald islands are frosted with an overlay of snow and they glitter like diamonds. Continue reading

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Connecting Kids and Nature

We islanders got the dry spell we were craving and quickly exchanged our gumboots and umbrellas for sandals and sunglassess. We’ve been celebrating a week of gorgeous weather outdoors and that’s why I’ve been so scarce. The rhododendrons are heralding spring and the green background is punctuated with natural color again. The forecast is for … Continue reading


BC Lighthouse keepers not getting the boot

Canadian lightkeepers report on weather and sea conditions, collect long-term scientific data that would otherwise be difficult to obtain, protect rare wildlife and plant species, give first aid assistance and other help to tourists and hikers, track down overdue boats, assist vessels in distress with pumps, provide first aid and sanctuary, patch boats,  and prepare … Continue reading


Offshore drilling is bad news, and we should say so

Offshore oil production is a growth industry that has  produced numerous large-scale oil spills destroying  an immense amount habitat and devastating wildlife.  Clearly drilling is not the answer to any of our energy problems. It creates far fewer jobs than clean energy,  it won’t help us become energy independent,  and it definitely won’t help solve … Continue reading

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Celebrate Earth Day with better food choices

It is important that humans begin supporting organic or small farms, local production and sustainable techniques while harvesting increased yields and protecting the topsoil. The time for action is now, before the world’s rich farmland washes into the sea, and before chemical pesticides and fertilizers cause any more harm to our drinking water and our … Continue reading

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News from the Union of Concerned Scientists

Political interference in science has been all over the news recently. We thought you’d like to be aware of the following developments: Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona reported he was muzzled from speaking about topics like stem cell research and sex education. Vice President Dick Cheney was accused of personally interfering to change the science … Continue reading