Vibrancy and Saturation in Abstractions

DSC_5480 Kleur
DSC_5480 Kleur (Photo credit: Joop Reuvecamp)

I’ve been exploring the difference between vibrancy and saturation in digital abstracts.

Vibrant colors are very high on the scale of brightness. They are bright and striking colors that pulse with energy and suggest activity. Continue reading “Vibrancy and Saturation in Abstractions”

An Attitude of Gratitude

gratitude1My program of retaining an attitude of gratitude and enjoying my life every day is going well. I’m living mindfully in the moment and taking small steps to encourage myself to celebrate life.

My life is not less stressful than it was before I began this commitment, but my coping skills are improving as I make attitude adjustments throughout the day. Continue reading “An Attitude of Gratitude”

Distractions, Abstractions and Spontaneity

Abstract art expresses connection with your subconscious feelings and perceptions;  abstract art  is the visual result of exploring deep emotions. When you manifest the courage it takes to leave your comfort zone, face down fear and explore the unknown, you can use spontaneity as a conduit to creativity.

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. — Aristotle

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Stop Trying to Change Your Life by Changing Your Thoughts


By Tina Gilbertson

It doesn’t work.

You already know this. You’ve told yourself a hundred times to think about it a different way. Or you’ve tried not to think about it at all, that thing that happened that you can’t seem to let go of.

Your thoughts are not the problem. Continue reading “Stop Trying to Change Your Life by Changing Your Thoughts”

Lessons Learned Outside the Classroom: Letting Go, Moving On, and Growing

Lessons Learned Outside the Classroom- Letting Go, Moving On, and GrowingCollege and school teach many things. While primary schools is very much about learning facts and figures, college is more about learning who you are and what you’re passionate about. A lot of self-realization and personal growth happens in college—not the least of which being how to become a true adult. These lessons aren’t learned in hushed college lecture halls or busy college lab rooms—they’re learned through experiences and friendships that teach us who we are and who we want to be. One lesson that I learned during my college experience is how to let go and move on after a challenging time. Continue reading “Lessons Learned Outside the Classroom: Letting Go, Moving On, and Growing”

Entanglement and its Antidote, Detachment

Mesh of branches
Flickr mesh of branches by cususi

Our ability to enjoy our lives and relationships reflect our habits — habits that reflect our personal history, family and cultural traditions and our entanglements.

Family background plays a key role in shaping future family relationships, as typically, those who are easily entangled come from families that are  chaotic and not skilled at emotional communications, so they tend to repeat the cycle. Continue reading “Entanglement and its Antidote, Detachment”

The Power of the Smile

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart. — Anthony J. D’Angelo

There are hundreds of different variations of smiles expressing the full range of human emotion.  From Charles Darwin’s  facial expressions interpretations to Stanford University’s “Happiness” class — smile scholars have puzzled over the range of emotions smile depict. Experts including anthropologists, biologists and psychologists agree, the smile is recognizable worldwide and can be viewed as an international language understood by people across all cultures.

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Hope is Beautiful

A new blogging friend, melodiousgarden posed the question: “What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

Something akin to a slide show of memories began to display in my mind’s eye as I reflected on the beautiful moments I have experienced in this life.  There were so many. Which one to choose? Continue reading “Hope is Beautiful”

Flowers, Impermanence and the Grief Cycle

The death of a loved one is a painful event. The loss of a loved one  means the world as we knew it has changed and those changes require that we in turn adjust to a new “normal.” As time passes and more people we know pass away and we are reminded of our own inevitable end.  Yet thanks to impermanence everything is possible.  Life itself is possible. Continue reading “Flowers, Impermanence and the Grief Cycle”

Blues Be Gone Aromatherapy Bubblebath Recipes

The Blue Suntory Rose was created by implanting the gene that leads to the synthesis of the blue pigment Delphinium in Pansies.

Homemade bubblebath is easy to make and I have two seasonal homemade bubblebath recipes to share in this post.

The color blue is a mentally-relaxing color that has a pacifying effect and encourages relaxation. It’s frequently used in bedrooms and hospitals for calming hyperactivity and evoking sleep.

The calming effect is also uplifting on a spiritual level for the color blue is associated with water, with the sky and the universe beyond.

But there’s another kind of blueness. It’s estimated that 15% of Canadians suffer from a combination of lack of sunlight and activity and experience the symptoms of winter blues AKA Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Overcoming the winter blues is challenging and part of my strategy for coping is aromatherapy.

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Hope and Happiness as Skillfull Means

happy sad masks We are well aware that depressed people have a brain chemical imbalance that requires clinical treatment, yet we all have blue moods. Pacification and distraction form the foundation for making the choice to think and do what helps us lift our spirits and change our moods from negative to positive. Continue reading “Hope and Happiness as Skillfull Means”

Hope, courage and strength

yellow irisOur hearts all yearn for a better tomorrow, but hope is not simply wishful thinking.  Hope is ‘confident expectation in a change in direction’.

Sherwin Nuland, is a surgeon, author and inspirational speaker. In this TED Talks presentation he mentions that the Oxford English Dictionary lists 14 definitions of hope but none truly hit the mark. Nuland speaks of  moral imagination and the world as a patient in its original sense. We are the healers of the world through compassion, commitment, and persistence. Source

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Art Therapy: Transformation Collage

transforming These collages are my attempt to communicate with my readers from the inside of the chrysalis I am in.  You can make a collage to represent who you are and where you are at.  And I have been dealing with a personal situation that is blocking me from blogging.  Though I have not been publishing  I  am using collage in art therapy to explore concepts,  emotions, and possibilities for changes in direction.

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Seed Thoughts From the Garden

leaf backgroundGardeners are perennial optimists.  In the cold of winter they  pour over seed catalogs making plans for a new beginning in spring.  Come spring they plant their seeds — seeds that are  symbols of potential,  each one carefully sown by a hopeful gardener who intends to care for them throughout their life cycle. When planted in the correct soil, at the correct depth,  at the correct time,  and watered the seeds become sprouts that break through the sun-warmed earth and reach for the sky. Continue reading “Seed Thoughts From the Garden”

Do You Grow Your Greens?

herbs Germaine Greer once said: A garden is the best alternative therapy. A garden is a friend you can visit any time. I heartily agree.  Humans have a deep need to connect with nature. Gardening is a close to nature activity that  many studies have  shown offers health related benefits. The benefits include  improved nutrition, exercise, and a simple and inexpensive way to unwind and relax. Continue reading “Do You Grow Your Greens?”

A New Attitude: Can Do!

sad face happy face Resisting change is innate in the human psyche rooted deeply in our fear and desire to control.  Grumpiness is the negative attitude that arises when  we are faced with the truth and choose to resist reality —  we can’t control anything other than what we are doing in the moment. Continue reading “A New Attitude: Can Do!”

Art Therapy Abstracts: The Depths

My paintings are a result of releasing and expressing deep emotions and most are the products of flow experiences. I’m in art therapy painting abstracts with others who also suffer from PTSD.  I’m analyzing what was going on within and around me when the traumatic events happened, and what the memories evoke for me in the here and now. I’m  learning art therapy can be a powerful means of for releasing pain that can lead to emotional healing  and experiencing  personal growth. Continue reading “Art Therapy Abstracts: The Depths”

Bach Flower Remedies For You


This summer I  shared my experiences as a  person with invisible disabilities (fibromylagia, chronic fatigue,  multiple food and drug allergies) and how I have learned to take care of myself by overcoming chronic illness and stress.

Without doubt the quality of my life experience is influenced by my attitude.  Happiness is a state of mind and we can achieve it by making the choice to be contented with our lives as is and grateful for what we do have, despite our circumstances. Continue reading “Bach Flower Remedies For You”

Art Therapy: Abstract Painting

We begin our lives being spontaneous happy and playful. Challenging circumstances,  relationships and events in our lives can cause us to lose that childhood sense of wonder and joyfulness. That loss can result in depression ie. a mental state in which we don’t feel happy to be alive any more, and some of us are haunted by PTSD flashbacks to traumatic events in the past.

I suffer from depression and I have previously published articles in this blog on happiness.  Every day I focus on creating happiness between my ears, and this summer being with children gave me the creative boost I needed to start painting abstracts. Continue reading “Art Therapy: Abstract Painting”

Visualizing the Life You Desire

Updated October 24th, 2014. As soon as you begin your Personal Development Inventory and Goal List establish some new habits. Use imagery (creative visualization) to assist you in transforming. Here are examples of three ways you can benefit from using this remarkable tool. Continue reading “Visualizing the Life You Desire”