Canada Post Delivers Lump of Coal for Christmas

free-pattern-xmas-stocking-knittingLetter volumes are down and online bill payment billing has replaced most snail mail payments, but Canada Post’s financial situation is not as dire as one might think, so the plan to cut door-to-door delivery to the last five million Canadian homes getting it is a lump of coal in their Christmas stockings. Continue reading “Canada Post Delivers Lump of Coal for Christmas”

Spiritual Music – Winter Solstice

winter solstice Evergreens  are a symbol of rebirth and you could say I am blessed, because everything I need for my evergreen wreath making is free of charge and readily available.

Every December I walk in the woods with my small wheelbarrow, a hand saw and pruning shears to collect wreath making materials. Fallen cedar, fir and tamarack branches, mosses and lichens, ivies,  cones and berries are exactly what I’m looking for.  Each wreath I make is made from different combination of materials and has a different theme.  I tart them up with tiny ornaments, ribbons and such that I purchase at liquidator sales. Continue reading “Spiritual Music – Winter Solstice”

Shop Local this Holiday Season

shop localI love some things about this Solstice, Hannukah, Chrismas, Kwaanza season.  It’s truly the season of good cheer and well wishes but times are hard. No one is flush with money. Everyone is reluctant to increase their debt.

Local business people and charities make a significant positive contribution to the quality of life in our communities all year round.  Shopping local is the first step towards ensuring community success and security in a competitive global market and I’m shopping local. How about you? Continue reading “Shop Local this Holiday Season”

Winter Solstice Seasonal Traditions

wreath Winter Solstice officially occurred at 5.30am on 22 December 2011. At Winter Solstice the sun is closer to horizon than any other time of the year. The shortest day of the year, with just eight hours and twenty three minutes of sunlight, in the northern hemisphere Winter Solstice is the date marks the first day of winter, and the slow transition back to longer days. Continue reading “Winter Solstice Seasonal Traditions”

Simple Pleasures: Homemade Cards

cardsA form of Christmas card began in England when young boys practiced their writing skills by creating Christmas greetings for their parents, but it is Sir Henry Cole, the first director of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, who is credited with commissioning artist John Calcott Horsley to create the first real Christmas card. The sending of commercially printed Christmas cards originated in London in 1843.  Since that time Christmas has become the number one card-selling holiday of the year.

When I was a child I loved making and receiving handmade greeting cards. I  considered them to be special in comparison to the commercial ones and  I have continued making my own.

xmasstickersSome of my friends make their own cards too and we get together and have a great time making them together,  exchanging ideas,  and supplies  and chatting about who we will send them to.

tree cardMaking greeting cards isn’t expensive as I have most of the supplies on hand-  recycled paper; colored paper; construction paper; recycled cards; card stock; guillotine paper cutter; scissors; x-acto knives; glue; colored pencils; rubber stamps; decorative paper  punches; paints; ink and ink pads; fabric; ribbons; stencils; stickers; sequins; stars;  glitter.

Best of all and there’s lost of room for innovation in card making.

One of my favorites is making pop-up cards.

If you would like to make your own then can find a wonderful selection of design and instructions here > Simple Pop-Ups You Can Make!

Here are instructions for creating a Beautiful Paper Snowflake for the adept and ambitious paper cutters to tackle.

Hat Tip: Crafty Cards

One Red Candle and Seasonal Favorites

red candleThis Winter Solstice on the eve of December 21, please consider joining me. Go outside and settle into the night.  Listen. Think about the night as if it were an island.

Have in mind what is important to you — what you want to release from your life and what you want to welcome into your life in the coming year.

Breathe each thing you want gone, one at a time, into the palm of your hand, then blow them away into the winter sky.

Do the same with each desire you wish to enter your life. When you are finished, go inside and light a red candle.

Put it in a safe place to burn out completely. The candle is a symbolic guiding light to draw your desires to you.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Whichever ones apply:
Jewish, Christian, Pagan, secular!
People of goodwill are not particular,
Perhaps because all people yearn for friends.
Year’s end’s a time of darkness, true, but when
Has darkness ever darkened one small light?
Our pleasures are like candles in the night,
Lighting lamps that burn beyond our ken.
In celebration there is more than joy:
Days of feasting bind our friendships fast,
A fat and full embrace of things that last,
Yet holy in what sense one might employ,
Savoring sweet songs that spirits buoy. Continue reading “Happy Holidays”