Reading List

Welcome to my this time this space: living the simple life consciously and loving it reading list. Below you will find a list of some of the blogs I like to I read as frequently as I can:

self help

  1. Advanced Life Skills – Jonathan Wells writes about personal growth and self-awareness.
  2. Always Well Within – a place for exploring ways to lead a more inspired, authentic, and healthier life.
  3. Ariannas random thoughts – a Canadian Psychotherapist, author, and blogger who empowers individuals and organizations with the strategies and support to reach their fullest potential.
  4. Coming Out of the Trees (excerpts from my therapy journal) –  Recovering memories of sexual abuse, releasing shame, healing addictions, learning to trust.
  5. Consumer Product Safety – Health Canada helps protect the Canadian public by researching, assessing and collaborating in the management of the health risks and safety hazards associated with the many consumer products, including pest management products, that Canadians use everyday.
  6. cycle write blog  – Cycle Write Blog is Jean Chong’s personal blog on cycling and  how cycling leads her to other things along the way.
  7. eDragonu – the choice of a personal path – This blog is about my past, my present and my future crossroads. I am always in the search of a personal path and for that I just hunt as many crossroads I can, knowing that only by experiencing and refining my choices continuously, my chosen path will be as rewarding as I want it to be.
  8. everyone needs therapy  The job here is not to treat anyone, rather to serve as an intelligible relationship/mental health resource with a healthy dose of self.
  9. FibroHaven – Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1997, I have been learning to live well with it ever since. The first step was accepting that my life would be different. Then I had to learn to embrace the new me, and all that I still have to offer. It hasn’t been easy, but I hope that by writing about my journey, you will feel more understood, and recognize that you are valuable, and you are not alone.
  10. Garden Safety – More Canadians are discovering the pleasures and rewards of gardening, but the activities involved in creating and maintaining a garden are not without some health hazards.
  11. Harvard Health Blog – from Harvard Health Publications and others like you on a variety of health topics, medical news and views.
  12. Invisible Illness CFIDS/FMS – Allow yourself to share your experience with this invisible illness and help yourself and others too. Share your tools, how you deal with everyday life, and gain access to information on Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Fibromyalgia (CFIDS/FMS). My Mission is to empower patients to take control of their health by providing my own story and experience with treatment information, quality health products, community, and advocacy.
  13. I’ll tell stories as they relate to the topics, but too much specific information would compromise my invisibility.  Even when the stories are from my own life, it’s still unavoidably me writing about a character based on me.  I can’t help that.  No one sees themselves objectively.
  14. kitchetablemedicine –  A candid interactive alternative medicine website that features advice from naturopathic physician Dr. Nicole Sundene, and all of her expert guests at the kitchen table.
  15. klahanie – I have been honoured to have my blog ‘klahanie’ featured on the B.B.C.’s radio station ‘Radio 5 Live’. On a show titled: ‘Pods and Blogs’, I tried to highlight in my interview, that it is time to eliminate the unfair stigma that is still attached to mental health issues. I firmly believe that the media can help redress the balance. How about sensationalizing the positive recovery stories rather than the negative stereotypes that people with mental health issues have to endure?
  16. lettershometoyou – News, fake news, opinion, travel, blogging tips and life in Germany as observed by a 40-something Canadian news guy. Any complaints as to the humorous quality of this blog can be addressed to the author.
  17. Light Reading – Mostly Photography – This blog is where I talk about things as they occur to me, usually with a bias towards photograpy – but I tackle other subjects as well.
  18. Lotus11 Love For Words And Music –  This blog is about all kinds of poems. The inspiration comes from diverse sources, like listening to my favourite Gospel Songs or Classical instrumental music. My poems often related to life events, as it happens, also like to write poems that people can connect with and relate. Music is also my passion therefore; you will find videos with great tunes on my page too. I love life, people, Nature and peace.
  19. Lynda Lehmann –  Abstract Expressionist Paintings, Nature Photography, Poetry, Musings on Life and Creative Process…and Our Connection to Earth.
  20. Marcome –  “I’m a Canadian singer songwriter and I do a mixture of pop world music mixed with new age, jazz and ambient voices.” Her very well written blog entries are passionately composed and focused on a wide range of subject matter, primarily, in the realm of personal growth, personal development, self improvement and spirituality. I love her music.
  21. Mayo Clinic – Health Information – More than 3,300 physicians, scientists and researchers from Mayo Clinic share their expertise to empower you to manage your health.
  22. Naked in Eden Blog –  a philosophical and social commentary blog by Robin Easton an author, speaker, environmentalist, musician, nature photographer and adventurer.
  23. Nardeeisms – All about my life’s journey and love’s challenges… Starring “The Boy”, music, and me…with the occasional cameo featuring my husband, “The Boy’s” Dad, as well as other assorted friends and relatives.
  24. Of Cabbages and Kings – Where original tales of zombie defense, Jedi training infomercials, salad bar musicals, and Middle Earth tour packages all come to spawn. Find the wit, whimsy and general weirdness with this humor blog.
  25. Out Of Context: pieces of a life –  Aphorisms. Meditations on life. A poet at heart A lover of life An iconoclast with nihilistic tendencies My politics is friendship My philosophy is happiness.
  26. Peaceful Prosperity – Can you enjoy a deeper understanding of life, self, and your connection with others while still pursuing your goals? Absolutely! Does meditation/mysticism really help? Absolutely! Come find yourself with a smile! Coaching program is coming soon.
  27. Positive Provocations  This blog will make you think from your true conscious self, will make you feel from the heart & will make you a soulfully aware & positively happy human{e} being!
  28. Postively Present  A blog focused on living positively in the present moment.
  29. Psychology Today
  30. Raptitude – A blog for getting better at being human. A typical human being like yourself has staggering potential, but it can only be realized if we understand why we are the way we are, and learn how to become what we could be.
  31. Sara Anthro Blog – Here via anthropology blogs I am learning, sharing, commenting and enriching my anthropological knowledge and here where my anthropological identity is being shaped and where it is becoming more mature.  For me, here is where I am trying to make anthropology as a way of being yet this is not an easy task to be done. It needs time, efforts and skills to be achieved.
  32. Self Made Scholar –  The goal of is to connect people to the resources they need to learn. Anyone who is interested in learning (be it academic learning or technical learning) is welcome to join our community.
  33. Shared Wisdom
  34. The Art of Chrissy Marie – You will find a variety of things on these pages, sometimes my art which ranges from pet portraits to more mystical creations of dragons and fairies…also photographs of whatever takes my attention and that gives plenty of room for scope! I live in Shropshire, UK with a wonderful man called Andy.
  35. The Celtic Music Fan –  covers all genres of music coming from the seven Celtic nations: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Brittany and Galicia.
  36. The Change Blog – When reading this blog, please be aware that my life is a work-in-progress and I don’t have all the answers. I would, however, love for you to join me as I explore how we can consciously change for the better – both on an individual level and on a global scale.
  37. Tiny Buddha – is about reflecting on simple wisdom and learning new ways to apply it to our complex lives–complete with responsibilities, struggles, dreams, and relationships.
  38. A Daring Adventure – Our comfort zone is what holds us back from achieving our potential and the only way to expand it is to get out of it on a regular basis. All sorts of scary emotions will hit you, but the good news is that’s all they are, emotions. There are no packs of wolves, no monsters and no life coaches with big sticks.
  39. The Happiness Project  – Gretchen Rubin is a best-selling writer whose new book, The Happiness Project, is an account of the year she spent test-driving studies and theories about how to be happier. On this blog, she shares her insights to help you create your own happiness project.
  40. The Jungle of Life – Life is an amazing thing.  And just being here, in this place we call earth, is something special.  This Jungle is all about examining that life we are living, and more fully understanding our deeper purpose and meaning.
  41. The Meta Arts Institute Archives –  The magazine for the metaphysical, spiritual and healing communities.
  42. The Rat Race Trap –  I love ideas and my blog is about escaping from the rat race and all things personal and professional development.
  43. The Sacred Path – I am also passionate about music (listening, not playing) and art, although the art bug has not popped to the surface of late. Although I have been on a spiritual path since the early 90’s, I began studying Shamanism under Hank Wesselman and his wife, Jill Kuykendall in early 2005 and for me, Shamanism is like a coming home. It has awakened and touched me at a core level and made a profound difference in my life. I will share my journey with you on this blog, and I hope you enjoy the ride.
  44. Think Simple Now -a candidly written blog that addresses real-life personal issues on our path to happiness and fulfillment, along with practical and simple solutions for those issues. Our mission at Think Simple Now is to empower people to find inner clarity and personal happiness through simple, uplifting, motivational and applicable articles.
  45. Wild One Within is a blog about awareness, connection,
    and daring to live life out loud, with compassion and kindness.
  46. wine woman travel
  47. Yoga for cynics – Thoughts on yoga, cynicism, things to do while drinking coffee, the great outdoors, writing, the great indoors, art, the not-so-great outdoors and indoors, drugs, music, politics, and biking, or not.
  48. zebbakes
  49. zenhabits – Zen Habits is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness. It also happens to be one of the Top 100 blogs in the world, is uncopyrighted, and goes well with anything chocolate. Zen Habits features three powerful articles a week on: simplicity, health & fitness, motivation and inspiration, frugality, family life, happiness, goals, getting great things done, and living in the moment.