aside New Eyes

I do have draft posts in development for both blogs but I’m having some difficulty adjusting to my new glasses, as opposed to getting them adjusted, which I’ll do later today. I didn’t realize how bad my eyesight had become.  Seeing better is  great but I have eyestrain, so though I am behind in the zero to hero challenge I’m taking it easy this weekend as I don’t want to trigger a migraine.


    • my pleasure!and another thing, i did not finished the post, and hit send by mistake:)dont worry about your blog, we know it can wait, your health is more important

      • Thanks so much for your understanding. My health is okay right now except for the headaches caused by eyestrain. My hubby is away and I’m multitasking again … SIGH

    • Yesterday I spent my offline hours doing all sorts of things such as housework that didn’t place much strain on my eyes and today the eyestrain is reduced. I need to be more disciplined about limiting how many hours I spend online.

  1. I don’t know if I’m too late to tell you this. You should get glasses that are adjusted for computer screens. That way your eyes won’t strain and offer some protection. Good luck with your new glasses.

    • Thanks. I have been to the opthamologist and I’m confident the prescription is correct. I spent too many hours in front of a monitor and reading books using my old glasses and I needed new ones for some time without realizing it. The bottom line is I’m overusing my eyes and have to back off.

    • Hi there,
      So true x 2. Here’s another post I published in my blogging tips blog:

      It’s likely that your eyes are working hard 56 hours a week staring at your computer screen, or at the road behind the steering wheel, or in front of your high-def TV. Note that research proves long hours at work kill profits, productivity and employees. Consistently working more than 40 hours weekly renders you unproductive and exhausted. Blogging and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) AKA Digital Eye Strain

        • I am an eldest child in a large dysfunctional family who was never taught when enough was enough. In fact the more I did the more I was expected to do and I grew up to become a Type A Driver who drove myself into the metaphorical ditch.

          Defeating my long standing pattern of self abuse that results from not recognizing my own limitations and taking on too is a struggle and I’ve made several attempts to replace this pattern before and failed. However, this time I am determined to succeed even when tempted to revert. I almost reverted by giving into my desire to create another blog for the Zero to Hero challenge but I smartened up and backed down.

          No, I will not allow myself to allow slowly backslide into that harmful pattern again. I’m Doing Less, Producing More, Feeling Great and I recommend creating a time management program and sticking to it as I’m doing. 12 Time Management Tips for Top Blogging Performance.

        • Wow, sounds even more than I imagined. I trust you have the skills to change. You certainly have the knowledge. I’m often aware of where I would like to grow and change and yet surprised/ disappointed that I don’t take the action to integrate my knowing. And I’m learning to be more gentle on myself while still reaching for more. Tricky balancing act. Good luck with your changes.

    • I’m breaking in two new sets of glasses. One is for computer use and close work and one is for all other times, except when I’m sleeping. It takes awhile it adjust to the latter re: going up and down stairs etc. as they are trifocals. Most of all I have eye strain and there’s a single cure for that – eye rest, so I’m taking care of me by limiting my time online.

      • I fairly recently did exactly the same, timethief; you can rest assured that it WILL all work out. These trifocals with the variable sizes of their ‘windows’ are incredible. Sounds as if you might’ve needed to do this a while ago. Never too late but. :-)

  2. My eyesight has also diminished somewhat, in my case it is age related. :) Please don’t rush to post; your health is much more important than any post.
    Be good to yourself.

    • I have age-related Presbyopia a normal process that happens slowly over a lifetime but like most people I didn’t notice it until I was over 40. This is the loss of the ability to clearly see close objects or small print is often corrected with reading glasses and contacts just like Astigmatism it can be corrected by eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery. I have light and color sensitivity and I’m prone to migraines. While I’m slowing developing cataracts, most of my problems are due to traumatic head injury and optical nerve damage that cannot be repaired.

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