Seize the Moment Surrender the Outcome

New Year’s resolutions are notorious for being easy to break but don’t ever let breaking a promise to yourself stop you from beginning again. Each and every moment offers an opportunity to start something new.

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Beginnings lead to endings and what kind of endings they lead to are often beyond our control. The desire to control  what we cannot control creates inertia that prevents us from moving into the unseen to create a new beginning.  We have all experienced that inertia and the fear that underlies it and we can overcome it.

beginningsOur emotional attachment  to control and contrive specific outcomes, as well, as our aversion to witnessing other outcomes is the cause of our inertia.

Surrender literally means to stop fighting. Stop fighting with yourself. Stop fighting the universe and the natural flow of things. Stop resisting and pushing against reality.

You can train your brain to become mindful and accept things as they are by saying “yes” to the realities of daily life without becoming discouraged.

You can let go of your attachment to control, then confidently surrender to the process, determined to be at peace with the outcome.

By becoming emotionally detached, yet, keenly mindful in the now moment you can seize opportunities to keep your promises to yourself as they arise through present moment living.

You can beat inertia by applying the mix of methods by choosing what combination fits your particular circumstances and mood.



  1. Happy New Year to you TT. I’ve decided to beat inertia by becoming a ‘vitual volunteer’, (I can help out from home), with CheerfulGivers(dot)org. I’ve never volunteered before but I decided to change that this year.

    • Hi there,
      Long time – no connect. I watched the Cheerful Giver video. What a great thing to do. Good on you for seizing the opportunity to do something positive for others. Be well and happy.

  2. I so enjoy your posts! I learn something new every day and must admit, your posts are the first one’s I read every morning. Thank you!

  3. Slow down!! I have a load of your posts in my Reader to get through. Um, want an honest comment? New typefaces difficult for visually challenged. Seriously, the header is nearly giving me a headache. OK, Happy New Year!

    • Hi there,
      Sorry for the inconvenience but I had to move 4 posts from another blog and publish them one after another here. As you know we cannot prevent posts we publish from appearing in the feed and the Reader, unless they are drafts or they are private and these ones aren’t. I won’t be publishing more than one post daily on this blog or my other blog in the future.

      I didn’t know you were visually challenged like I am. The “pink” header in the Aladdin font didn’t cause me any issues but due to your feedback I made a new one.

      Happy New Year!

      • Not an inconvenience, I was stunned at your productivity and hoped you weren’t going to do four posts a day! I’ve not got any notifications on reader about posts on your other blog though ?

        Apart from being very short-sighted and poor peripheral vision and vertigo (which leads to vision problems too) I seem to be getting worse as I age. Helpful in a way I suppose, as it does lead to empathy for others with similar problem. OK, you really really don’t want to hear this…. but the black and white is also doing my head in!! Looks like it is overpixelated. And the header too. I think we are differently challenged. I remember you changed this blog at one point and it was so calm and serene, it was like falling into a meditative trance it was so relaxing so I guess that’s what I expect from you. But I know you like to change from time to time too. Don’t change your blog for me. I value feedback (I remember you commenting on my lack of sidebar clart and I’ll answer your comment about the code later this evening) especially about design and readability.

        HNY to you too.

        • I was stunned at my productivity too because I have a dreadful head cold that moved to my chest and just keeps hanging on. However, no one dies of a cold so I chose to publish anyway as I wanted to be part of the zero to hero challenge. In all the years I have blogged I have never be in a blog challenge.

          I’m surprised when you say you didn’t get notification on the Reader of my other posts on one cool site. I priorize posting there over posting here and my last two posts are:
          Blog Challenges for Blog Improvement
          Blogs are About Comments and Commenting

          I apologize for the new black and white background causing you visual grief. You must be right about the vision differences. I have a string of issues but mostly they result from optic nerve damage due to a head injury and effect my ability to focus. I checked both headers and backgrounds on 3 computers and on the responsinator and they aren’t pixelated. I did change the background to a cloudy blue sky as you and others may find it more relaxing but I’m not changing the font in the header. I like it woo much to let it go yet – sorry. Talk to you later.

        • Head/chest colds are bad news. I cross my fingers every year I avoid either. I am just shuffily at the moment, I can live with that. No-one dies of a cold, but people do die of chest infections so take care.

          I am not up to blog challenges. Not my thing. But if you enjoy it, and have the time, and inspiration, enjoy it.

          I’ll check out your other blog. I’ll be writing a ‘blogging’ post soon anyway on one of my other blogs. Probably totally opposite to your POV :D Although maybe not regarding the comments.

          No need to apologise for my visual issues, my problems not yours. I didn’t say it was pixelated, just looked it. If I looked any longer it would have ended up as stars whizzing around. I did say don’t change for me though, but cool blue is lovely. The thing with the header font is where it changes, it looks totally weird to my eyes. Bizarre huh? Probably explains why I stick to Helvetica and Arial. Anything more complex than that leaves me shaking my head and struggling to read.

          Anyway, regardless, good to be back in touch, and hope you had peaceful holidays. We did.

    • Hi there,
      Happy New Year!

      It’s fear that paralyzes and it’s confidence in our own ability to succeed that activates us. Even in rotten circumstances opportunities for growth arise and when we recognize they are presenting and moving ahead with something new appears to be feasible, then we ought to seize the moment without fearing what the outcome may be.

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