From Ridiculous to Ubiquitous

Are you nurturing a ridiculous idea that could be the lead to a successful venture? Some ideas seem brilliant at first but don’t pan out, while others seem wacky and wind up making millions!

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Great business startups are often the result of ideas that would have seemed ridiculous if you had heard about them in the beginning. Who imagined the ridiculous idea that selling petrocks would lead to millions? The idea that lasers would be used outside of  science labs in eye surgery seemed absurd not long ago.  And, who would have thought that a crazy idea like Icanhascheezburger.’s funny cat pictures could lead to multimillion dollar price tag? Here are some of the 18 most ridiculous startup ideas that became successful, named by Pipewise CEO Michael Wolfe on Quora. Now take a look at take a look at The 18 Best Startups That Launched In 2013 named in Business Insider. Have you watched either The Dragon`s Den or The Shark Tank, where businessmen and women present their ideas to a panel of self made millionaire investors, who also had outlandish ideas that made them very rich?

Katie Konrath loves fresh ideas:”There are no bad ideas” is always the first thing everyone will tell you when you’re learning how to be creative.  No matter how outlandish, or dangerous, or downright impractical – every idea has value in an idea-generation session.

beginnings My hubby and I once had a business idea others thought was ridiculous. That was 33 years ago and our business is very successful because we had the courage to move forward and act on our ridiculous idea. So  the next time an outlandish idea comes to mind don’t write it off – embrace it! Out of the box thinking leads to great works. Be a risk taker. Be ridiculously creative. zero-to-hero-badge