Health and Wellness Update

teatimeI’m looking forward to a stress free future.  My plan to elevate my moods by retraining my brain and remaining mindful is working very well.

Mindfulness points to being aware of and attentive to the moment in which we find ourselves.

While mindfulness is a generalization about paying attention and being aware in the present moment, it occurs only in the individual. The individual makes a choice to be in the moment and be aware of what is happening. In that choice is a realization.

You can cultivate happiness moment by moment by

  • living simply in accord your core values;
  • affirming your self-worth;
  • seeding your mind with positive thoughts;
  • washing regret away with compassion;
  • fertilizing creativity with love;
  • celebrating growth;
  • giving more to others;
  • expecting less.


“The synthesizing mind takes information from disparate sources, understands and evaluates that information objectively, and puts it together in ways that make sense to the synthesizer and also to other persons. Valuable in the past, the capacity to synthesize becomes ever more crucial as information continues to mount at dizzying rates.”  Howard Gardener as cited in How Creativity Works 

Health and Wellness

I’ve stuck to my  Re-energizing After a Lay-Off  plan. I’m have no issues at all with avoiding the Forbidden Foods for Fibromyalgia in combination with my  7 Energizing Snack Foods for Optimum Health. I am so pleased that I have gained back the weight I lost previously.

When it comes to exercising for me that means working through pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia. I do stretching and yoga asanas daily to help prevent injury, increase my range of motion, reduce stiffness, and reduce pain. Walking  briskly is my 5 days weekly aerobic exercise.  My routines start with a yoga warm-up (asanas and breathing), and then move on to briskly walking with awareness, rhythm, and integrated breathing. I also enjoying taking a Yoga class.

I’m happy I stuck with working through the pain as I’m feeling quite limber and almost pain-free now. My exercise program now includes a stationary bicycle which was surprise gift from my hubby.  As walking has become problematic for me I’m enjoying using it daily but it’s Yoga that I enjoy most of all. As I grow stronger, I’m looking forward to doing some brush cleaning on our acreage. There’s a lot of work to be done but I have to be cautious that I don’t overdo and cause a flare-up or a relapse.


  1. This is the first post of yours I have ever read and I really liked it. Being mindful can teach us so much. The present moment is all we have so we should learn to harvest it and enjoy it. Thanks for the post.

  2. I am glad to hear that you are regaining both physical and emotional equilibrium. It takes the grieving for all the things your body can no longer do, to make room for the gratitude for all the things your body can still do, or can do now for the first time. Yoga consistently reminds me that despite fibromyalgia, I am more flexible and more strong than I ever was in pre-fibro days when I took my body and my health for granted. I am in process of food elimination and feel amazingly better, yet surprised that I missed the signs of food intolerances for most of my life. Fibro and arthritis and energy much improved without gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, corn, sugar. This gives me hope that I can continue to improve how I feel, instead of facing an unstoppable downward slide.

    • I’ve read this a couple of times now and you are right about developing an attitude of gratitude. I am not more flexible or strong than I was previously but like you knowing I have these conditions was a health and wellness wake up call. I too have had life long food sensitivities that predate fibromyalgia and arthritis. It’s good to know you already feel better. Taking control of your own health and experiencing improved quality of life is empowering.

  3. Best of luck in your ever growing journey to peacefulness and may your heart continue to expand in love and gratitude, timethief.

    • It’s been really hard to stick to it but I have done so and I’m glad I did. They say it takes a month to establish a new habit. I’m not convinced of that. When it comes to me and pain I can easily backslide and that’s the worst thing of all to do if you have fibromylagia and/or arthritis so I have to keep my head in it. I have to ignore my monkey mind messages like ‘you could skip today’ or the excuses like the cleaning, laundry and yard work need my attention.

      • I had a fall at work in February and tore muscles in my left hand. (thank goodness I’m right handed) I find if I do the exercises first thing in the morning I’m more likely to persevere with them The fact that I have to type one-handed is also a big motivator to do them and speed up the healing process. Keep going with what you are doing. It’s worth it. Good luck.

    • Hi Sandra,
      I freely admit that this has not been easy. It’s case of mind of over body … lol :D and a constant struggle to stick with the program. My ideal weight is 130 lbs and that’s where it at now YAY! The up side is that the clothes I did not recycle fit me now I gained back the weight I lost. I decided to recycle the smaller sizes lest I be tempted to backslide.

  4. I truly appreciate your posts, timethief. I did get outside and worked on our acreage today. And I really felt it, especially in my back. I worked for about an hour, and then took a hike up the hill. I discovered that I want to stretch more and more often. It’s interesting how the different seasons challenge and strengthen my body in different ways. As for the mindful practices you listed, well, I’m practicing.

    • I’m so happy you feel that way. I feel my posts in this personal are pretty mundane in comparison to your meaty posts but when I catch myself comparing I know I’m way off track … LOL :D

      For decades I hiked everywhere all by myself. For decades I was a horseback rider and a physically fit person who either arrived at my friends’ places on horseback or foot. I can no longer do that.

      I’m trying to graciously accept that I’m a disabled person and it’s not easy to do that.My reality is the spinal bone disease is in remission, my bones are extremely fragile, fibromylgia and arthritis are inhabiting this body and will be with me to the grave. I have a practice that involves standing in front of the mirror and saying ‘I love you and your disabilities do not change that’. I have yet to move past the crying stage but I will. I will learn to love me just as I am.

      • I suspect you’re crying when you say ‘I love you’ because it’s profoundly true. Grieving for ourselves, for our losses and our suffering, is quite loving.

        • That’s insightful and yes, I do love me. I am not my body but I do grieve my losses and in doing so my empathy for others has increased.

    • Yes,it’s worth it and thanks so much for your visit and comment. I left a comment for you but after I clicked I realized I was logged in under my other account and my username is linked to my blogging tips blog rather than this one.

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