Happiness is Spring

walkingApril has come and gone in a flurry of activity. The theme of the month was the title of this post. You can train your brain to become happier and that’s my intention. I do get by with help from friends, who provide excellent advice such as  15 Positive Tips to Be Happy right NOW!, and inspire me with thoughtful articles like  Drop Into Your Heart: It’s Easier Than You Think. But I’m a sun lover and spring has finally sprung!

April was an on again and off again month when it came to the weather and the many false starts made us think it was spring only to have winter enter the picture again. Easter weekend was beautiful, though the temperatures were below seasonal norms and the rain fell relentlessly throughout most of the month. Our perennial flowers and shrubs all made it through the long, cold and wet winter and  I’m happy to see the two most hardy of the rhododendrons, pale pink and rose colored are in blossom now. The others are in bud and will bloom later this month.

Green Home Renovation Resumed

We had another sunny weekend and resumed our Green Home Renovation.  Our home has been well maintained but as it’s over 20 years since we built it the time has some for some additional TLC. I’m pleased to announce the renovation of our bathroom is now complete. The oak counter-top was has been refinished as was the rest of the woodwork and the tile was repaired and replaced where required.  Best of all, the king and queen now have a brand new throne and all the other goodies like the brand new sink, bath,  three way vanity mirror, new lighting including a makeup light bar. I’ve never had such luxury before and it’s so convenient to be able to see my face and hair so well without my glasses.


How does your garden grow?

I love container gardening and companion planting. This year we decided that the soil in my deck container garden planters was depleted and required replacing. What a job packing those containers up and down the stairwell that was but it’s over now. I decided to buy most veggies this year. There are many organic gardeners who are so close by and I will be happy with growing flowers, herbs and salad greens on my deck.  The hummingbirds are back and it’s too early for butterflies. What we are worried about is the lack of honey bees.

More Changes Mean More Free Time

Our friends changed their plans and are choosing not to take early retirement. Now they are parenting grandchildren they need the income to do it with. That means I will see the girls on weekends and holidays only when they will be making Healthy Snacks for Kids by Kids.  As I won’t be a temporary caregiver during the week  that in turn means I’ll have some free time I did not expect to have.

Changing and Rearranging

The good news is that the many changes and rearrangements in my schedule and my hubby’s resulted in happy outcomes. I was on the front line in our business while he was at a conference and this time not a single crisis arose. All went so smoothly that I was able to complete my contracted work ahead of the deadline. I received both praise for work well done and a paycheck with a small bonus.

Hooray! for May

rhododrendron May is now here and we are basking in sunshine with temperatures predicted to become record highs. The good weather is predicted to last more than a week and I am smiling as I type this.

I intend to enjoy the great outdoors while cavorting with my dogs in the sunshine, rather than devoting this unexpected time surplus to blogging.

I hope you readers are happy too and all is well in your world.

Would you care to share what’s contributing to your happiness these days?



  1. I like the idea of training the brain to be happier. As for what is contributing to my happiness? I’d say spending a lot of time having a lot of fun with my friends, and this extended summer we are having where I live. A few weeks out from winter and I was swimming in the ocean on Sunday.

  2. I’ll be seeing my family in a few weeks (Toronto), see nephew get married, going to Vancouver again, cycling in better weather and hope to get more art supplies in each of these cities since it’s cheaper there. All that alone contributes to happiness.

    • Hi Jean,
      The only traveling we will be doing this summer will be in the region. I hope you have a great time in Toronto and Vancouver. More traveling means more good times and more photos so I’ll be looking forward to your blog posts.

  3. I am coming to the end of class ensembles for the semester and I’m looking forward to time to piddle in the yard and garden. We’ve had such an abundance of rain and continued unseasonable cold temps that not a singe thing is planted in the veggie garden. I hope that the tomato plants will soon leave the front porch for the spaciousness of the garden. And there will definitely be some dog cavorting if the backyard ever dries out a bit.

  4. I also get enormous pleasure from my dog, the herbs I’ve planted by our front door, daily yoga and regular trips to the pool/aerobics. All these things are a consequence of cutting way back on our income to gain TIME and thus a better quality of life and I’m grateful every day we’ve been able to do this, even if it only proves possible for a few years.

  5. Cavorting – great word, and with dogs!! I want more dogs but am limited to the one. Even so, I have lots of canine friends as there is a meet up every morning in the park opposite, so plently of cavorting!! Good to hear you so well.xx Anne

  6. Oh, rhododendrons blossoming and budding…what a complement to the joys of spring. What abundance of valued plants you have around your home! Isn’t spring wonderful!
    And the bonus… indoor home updates and more free time, too. Happy Springtime!

  7. It seems that things have gently clicked into place in the clockface of your life this week. Most excellent. In fact reading a positive and natural blog post like yours surely gives me a happy feeling. I have such a bad memory that i am seldom unhappy for long. But I would say that the best thing this week was seeing my animals out on grass. I hate having them in the barn eating dry food. Good healthy green grass for them makes me happy. And the milk Daisy is giving is loaded with cream and sweetness and that cannot help but make my morning coffee happy. I hope you have a great week.. celi

  8. Your home improvements sound lovely. I like to grow salad greens and other little things in the pots on our veranda too. There is so much pleasure in harvesting from your own garden. I hope May lives up to your expectations.

    • Hello there,
      The leaky throne is gone and it’s so great to be able to see so well. I hadn’t realized how much difference good lighting and a three way mirror can make. You’re so right about growing your own food. It tastes better. It’s less costly. It’s easy to do and growing your own is so rewarding. I hope your May is an excellent month.

  9. i am in training for some runs to raise money for a charity and going to the gym regularly has seen a massive improvement in my mental health and depression. Heck I even tried yoga last week and was shocked at how much I enjoyed it, not that the moose is ready to tie himself in knots just yet but it was so good i went back to the next class!

    • Hi there,
      I’m on a similar kick ie. improving my exercise regime as well as retraining my brain. Yoga and walking are my favorite forms of exercise. I’m so happy to hear your are looking forward to your next Yoga class. I hope your May is a month that exceeds your expectations.

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