Still catching up

computer connectWe to connect and communicate and we do that in comments. Sadly, I’m far behind in answering comments and owe those waiting a heartfelt apology.  I am so sorry and hope you do not think poorly of me for not answering sooner.

This last month was business year end  month as well as annual tax preparation month. My back did respond well to physio but I broke two teeth and needed dental surgery twice. I completed my contracted work, the year accounting and the tax accounting all just one day before the April 1st deadlines and then collapsed. This is last year I will do the bookkeeping and accounting  from here on it goes to an accountant.

My aim is to respond to all outstanding comments before I go to bed this evening. Once again – I’m sorry about the wait time.


  1. Yup, I’m with the others. While it’s a delightful gift of your time and energies to receive a reply to comments…sounds like you need to take care of yourself and give yourself permission to start afresh. There’s no LAW that says you HAVE to reply, ya know!! I appreciate you just the way you are, titi, and wish you good health and speedy recoveries in whatever form you need. Sending big hugs, Miss Maura (having gone through several oral surgeries recently myself I know all about time needed for healing and only being able to do so much) P.S. No need to reply!!

    • Maura,
      I must reply so you know the story of what happened because it was so freaky. I bit down into a lovely looking double chocolate brownie with chocolate icing. It tasted so good and as I chewed my molars bit down on something hard. I almost choked but I have a strong self preservation instinct so I spit everything out all over my friend’s tablecloth. I could still feel something lodged there so I reached in and pulled out a bolt! Blood everywhere. Kids shrieking at the sight.

      No kidding. A bolt had fallen out of her food processor and it had been baked into the brownie. The result was two broken molars. The fillings in them had to be replaced and I needed gum surgery too as the bolt had embedded in it. I felt so bad for my friend as she was so upset. It wasn’t her fault so I down played how much it hurt. It’s healed up now.

      Thanks for the hugs. :)

      • Oh titi, I’m sorry for all your pain and all the DRAMA!! How awful for both you and your friend. A bolt, huh? “Bad food processor” Glad to hear you’ve healed up…at least physically. Bet you won’t look at brownies the same way again. Thanks for letting me know the story. Ai yi yi.

  2. Hello, TimeThief,

    What if you decided to let it go, not to catch up, and just start from here, right now?

    I won’t speak for others, but I don’t actually expect reply comments from other bloggers. I write comments when I am moved to do so, like posts that I’d like to reread later on, and I always appreciate comments from others at my blog.

    That’s how I roll, this blogger I am. I should probably add this to my about page.


    • I’m with you. I’m starting over again tomorrow. By then I will have answered the last of the comments. From there on I will stop driving myself this way – it’s self abuse … DUH. I wouldn’t expect another blogger to do anything more than they could do and it’s time to stop expecting more than I can handle from me too. Thank you so much for the assist here.

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