An Attitude of Gratitude

gratitude1My program of retaining an attitude of gratitude and enjoying my life every day is going well. I’m living mindfully in the moment and taking small steps to encourage myself to celebrate life.

My life is not less stressful than it was before I began this commitment, but my coping skills are improving as I make attitude adjustments throughout the day.

Nature is a Healer

When my husband is away the phone rings incessantly, shipments go astray,  deliveries, people and checks don’t arrive on time and I become frazzled.  Rather than risking coming undone I choose to take a  nature break. Nature is a powerful healer and it’s easy to become accustomed to failing to fully appreciate it. A few minutes of mindfully basking in Nature’s beauty, breathing in fresh air and growing a  garden are the medicine I need. After I’ve had my break I can return to the fray strengthened and ready to act.

Pets, Children and Humor are Healing Agents

When we reach our 40s and 50s – there are a lot of things going on. There’s so much going on you can feel like you are over the hill before you have climbed the path.  If you realize you’re acting your age or even older – do something about it.  —  Forever Four

I have a very dry sense of humor and don’t laugh frequently enough.  However, playing with my little dogs and being in the company of children always makes me laugh. This week I am grateful for fun-filled times; times worth more than anything money can buy. Making Winter Solstice cards with my friend’s little kids and playing with my dogs elevated my mood enormously. Now I’m committed to having some fun every day to keep me in touch with why it is good to be alive.

Learning to include more humour in your life can have a significant effect on your overall health. Being able to see the funny side of things can produce general health benefits, and can also help to build and reinforce relationships. – Learn to Include More Humour in your Life

Friends Bear Healing Gifts

Even the darkest days of your life can be looked on with gratitude. We can be grateful for the friends who help us get through hard times – grateful for their smiles and their love. On Monday a dear friend, who recently struggled through a relationship break-up and eventually landed on her feet, plunked a book on my table saying, “You’ve got to read this. It’s a depression buster.”

And so I read The Bounce Back Book: When Life Throws You Curveballs, Hit Them Out of the Park by Karen Salmansohn. The book is grounded in happiness research, psychological studies and Greek philosophy and I recommend it to anyone who feeling overwhelmed. In it you will find 70 tips on how to bounce back from adversity and advice on everything from exercise and staying connected to moving forward with positive energy.

How To Enjoy Life – No Matter Your Challenges!


The quality of my life experience is influenced by my attitude but I don’t always remember that.  Are you forgetful too?

Did 2012 hold many challenges for you?

Were there times you felt overwhelmed and sensed depression creeping in?

When times were tough, what did you do to maintain an attitude of gratitude?