12 thoughts on “Computer issues

    1. Hi Susie,
      Thanks for the header compliment. Several readers have said they liked it and it’s a favorite of mine too.

      The computer techy and I went through 3 different cords and 3 different modems and routers but we finally succeeded. :)

      1. That’s a relief! Mine was suuuuuppppeeerrr Slllooooowowww last week and now it’s running well! I have no idea what was wrong with it…I am going to get more memory just in case.

    1. Hi there Maura,
      The good news is that my back is better and the migraines are gone. The physio and exercises I did worked very well. I tried some muscle relaxants too but they made me fell stomach sick so I turfed them after 2 days use. I’m still mystified when it comes to determining what happened. I was extremely careful and there was no incident or accident involved.

    1. Hi there,
      You have a gift for making me smile. :) One one hand, we frequently have power failures in the winder months. Gale force winds tumble trees over power lines and we are without power sometimes for a couple of days. On the other, it’s unusual to experience power outs at this time of the year and that’s when my problem began.

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