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It’s Painting Time

Usually when I’m painting it’s not on walls or ceilings but no sooner than I had finished all the spring cleaning, including wall washing (oh, the irony), than Beloved discovered he had some cancellations and would not be traveling. He had a two-week timeframe when he would be available to do some green renovation and paint the house.

I hadn’t contemplated this or I wouldn’t have squandered my time on wall washing, hence, I felt a touch put out.  I had to remind myself resistance to change is futile and I needed to seize the day.  Making decisions on bamboo, cork, or hardwood, let alone, paint samples was hard as my head wasn’t fully into the project for a day or two.  Then I changed my attitude, my preferences kicked in and the work began.

I’m not terrified of heights but I’m not keen on them. Two stages of scaffolding are required for painting the ceiling and I’m happy I’m not the one who will be atop of it.

In essence, we are camping in our own house.  Furniture stacked everywhere means that getting to this computer involves traversing an obstacle course.   I have misplaced my glasses twice and Beloved can’t find his slippers.  Almost everything we own is in boxes and crates, which means we are digging to find what we need when we need it.

For the most part, we are  enjoying doing this together as the weather is grand and the doors and windows are open.  However, our little dogs are bemused and the cat is totally peeved off.

16 thoughts on “It’s Painting Time

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  4. I have to remind myself that resistance to change is futile all the time! LOL! It’s really nice that even with all the disruptions you are enjoying doing the work together. My husband and I went through something similar last year when we redid our upstairs rooms…painting and drywall…boxes everywhere and most of them ended up in my small home office space! But at least we didn’t have high ceilings to contend with. Best of luck on your house painting!

    • @Madilyn
      Hi there,
      In case you’re interested I just published an update. I haven’t blogged for so long I wonder if there is anyone left out there who will visit and read my post.

  5. Hey there! The Dark Globe follower appreciation post sent me, and I wanted to say I like your blog. It’s inspiring. :) And good luck with your house painting.

    • Thanks so much for the visit and even more thanks for the kind words about my blog. I normally publish more often. Our renovation and painting came to an abrupt halt due to an unexpected event that we are in the midst of handling just now. All our plans were turned upside down and we are struggling to cope as best we can. Be well and happy and send my best wishes to DarK Globe and the others too.

  6. Ahh….There is nothing like a freshly painted house — that is, once the hard work is done! A change of color can be so refreshing. Good luck. I hope you’re happy with the results!

  7. Lots of wishes of good luck for the interim period, it will be worth it!! My beloved builder did all the works and re-plastering in my house in England one or two rooms at a time – and then I painted it all – ceilings, walls, trim and in some cases floors. The disruption is truly a pain in the —— but the feeling of accomplishment afterwards was nice. I painted my bedroom a twilighty lilacky colour and it was so lovely and peaceful with the western light coming through the trees in the evening it was worth all of it.

  8. This is probably the last time either you or beloved will be painting the house yourself. So hope great colour and good finishing job is the end result. No, I dislike climbing ladders over 4 feet high to do stuff in the air/at a height.

    I’ve paid other people to paint my rooms which was a long time ago. Since then, we’ve lived in newish places.

    Just not into it. Give me instead, a ton of fabric to sew curtains, cushions, duvets, pillowcases, etc.

  9. The ceilings in our house are sooooo high, that I would never tackle painting inside or out. Beling an artist, I also have difficulty painting in all one color!! My husband, by his own admission, is a mechanical idiot, so we always have to hire people to do painting and repairs. When I was MUCH younger, I had no problems with painting rooms, but now that I am older, I leave that work to professionals!!

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