Birdsong: Five Minute Nature Meditations

bevy of birdsHumans are by nature perceptive and compassionate beings in tune with nature and with others but these qualities are usually lost in the deluded busyness of  life.  The more exposure we have to the stresses of  life in a busy world the more important it is that we make the time to relieve the pressure and still our chattering monkey mind.

Meditation is a built-in ability of the human body to enter a state where we give our minds, bodies and spirits opportunities to tune themselves up and re-establish natural balance. Living in the moment is gaining greater recognition as more people realize the physical and mental health benefits that issue from learning how to meditate one minute at a time.

Reconnecting with nature

Reconnecting with nature in the now moment is a relaxing meditation practice based on tuning into the sights and sounds of wind, water, waves, animals calls, and birdsong.  Naturalists claim spending listening to birdsong for five minutes could help us beat the winter blues. I don’t doubt their claims as this form of meditation has been  a part of my life since I was a young child.

Human music making has been inspired by birdsong throughout history. It is perhaps only to be expected that musicians would take as their inspiration the spontaneous – seeming melodies casually thrown off by a creature which has always exerted a strange fascination. The romance and mystery which birdsong evokes has also drawn people in: music making for humans is a conscious creative act, for birds it is a fact of life – a fact pulled dramatically into focus by recent research showing that species’ breeding habits are at risk due to their courtship songs being distorted by excess traffic noise. Now birdsong is studied with a scientific detachment: acoustically, biologically, ecologically. And still the mystery remains. —  Birdsong and Music by Darren Giddings

Birdsong inspires musical score

The vocal ability of birds has inspired poets and musicians for millenniums.  A normal person sees these birds perched on electrical wires and worries about getting crapped on. Brazilian designer Jarbas Agnelli looks at them and sees musical notes. Maybe he’s smarter than the rest of us because the melody is utterly oh-so-sweet-that-I-could-doze-off-right-now.  Agnel explains that he was simply curious about what sort of tune he could create by transcribing the birds into musical notes.  [Vimeo via Wired]

A five-minute birdsong nature meditation

A birdsong meditation can be done while sitting, standing or walking.   Begin with a few deep breaths, breathing deep into the belly, to help you relax and to bring you to the state where you are experiencing fully the sensations of the present moment.  Simply close your eyes focus on sound only.   Focus on one particular sound — birdsong.  When your monkey mind wanders gently bring your attention back to that particular sound.

Relaxing sounds [birds]

This is 5 minute recording of some birds chirping in a backyard, at the outskirts of a city.


Suppose you learned how to do a five-minute birdsong meditation. Your body, mind and spirit would benefit from reconnecting with nature.  The music you hear may even inspire you to become a better listener or to become more creative in your work or play.   So why not give five-minute birdsong meditation a try?