Spread good thoughts!

Have you visited inspired type: where good thoughts are designed?  I love what I see there so I’m inviting you to check out these inspirational images.  It’s  a growing collection with new ideas weekly — thought provoking, encouraging and motivating.

Spread good thoughts!
If you see something there you like, please share it with your own network of friends and followers.

Use and Copyright

You are free to share or re-post. Please attribute with credit to Susan Alexander, and including a link to the Inspired Type blog is always appreciated. All content is the sole property of Susan Alexander, and is protected by a Creative Commons License. Use is allowed only for non-commercial purposes, and designs may not be altered or derivatives created. Permission for special uses may be available by contacting Susan through her Contact page.


  1. hi timethief,
    I came through your blog for the first time..its cool..i liked it. but what is meant in this post..i really didn’t get any idea.

  2. A wonderful idea to collect inspiring thoughts. A good place to go when one needs them, and good to know they are there. Have bookmarked; there are days (weeks?) when I shall visit often, I know.

    • Hello there,
      It’s so good to hear from you. I’m sure you will appreciate what Susan has done with type and images. I like “Kindness” a lot. Thanks for the visit and the comment too. :)

  3. Thanks for this wonderful heads up. I visited the site and loved it. I’m mulling just how to share this with my guys, but it will definitely in next’s weeks newsletter as website of the week.



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