Set Yourself Free

freedomYou are responsible for where you are in life at  this moment – what you think about yourself and others and how you feel and whom you choose to share your life with.  Stress is literally a killer and if you are unsatisfied with the way things are now, you  can choose to take personal responsibility to change them and set yourself free to become the best you that you can be.

Freedom is the ability to pursue living your life within the constraints of society, culture and the law, without depriving others of their opportunities to experience the same. A wise person, not driven by ego will find that he/she experiences freedom, but the person who clings to his/her ego experiences bondage everywhere and resents that his or her behavior is controlled by the constraints of society, culture and the law.

No person is free who is not the master of himself/herself. Your thoughts create your feelings – Your feelings trigger your emotions – Your emotions activate your behavior, and your behavior produces the results you have in your life.  It’s your attachments and aversions to specific outcomes in circumstances and in relationships that are the root of your unhappiness.

Life without liberty is like a body without spirit. — Kahlil Gibran

On the surface, happiness, hope, and optimism appear to be three different terms for the same concept.  Close examination reveals differences.  Hope  differs from optimism in that optimism  is  a broader viewpoint on the  positive aspects of life, while hope tends to focus on specific goals or aspects of life.  Both hope and optimism correlate closely with happiness.

Optimist: Person who travels on nothing from nowhere to happiness. — Mark Twain

While it’s true that happiness is a choice, you can only make the happiness choice if you know what prevents you from being happy in the first place. The shortest path to true happiness is found through making conscious choices to be free.  To be happy you have  to  take responsibility for your  life, plan and organize so you can affect change, and do things which lead to setting yourself free.

The following  are common guidelines offered to help those who are determined to set themselves free so they can live a more authentic life.

1.  Take stock of your life and decide what is most important to you.

2.  List your personal wishes, goals, and desires for a changed life.

3.  Isolate what is holding you back from living the life you want to live.

4.  Start thinking outside the box. Chart a course for changing the life you are living now to the life you want to live and begin your journey.

5.   Don’t seek other people’s approval to determine your own self-worth.

6.   Don’t feel responsible for the happiness or unhappiness of others.

7.   Stop thinking you can change what happened yesterday by reliving it today.

8.   Stop explaining or justifying your actions to yourself or others.

9.   Live consciously in the present moment – the now moment.


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  1. I find myself in bondage to many sad past events in my life that I really don’t know how to let go- completely. I love life but I don’t know at what point I could take off. My diabetic condition is even deterring me to soar and soar high with meaning in the Lord’s name. I’ll be here for the many tips I can start applying in my life. Thank you. God Bless you.

    • I found that it was time for me to enter therapy and deal with traumatic events that happened long ago, and I’m so glad that I did. It’s important to take care of ourselves. We alone can sever the bondage that chains us to past events and therapists can help us uncover our triggers, develop effective treatments, and provide us with the approaches and tools we need to heal ourselves. Bless you too. :)

  2. You are such a beautiful writer, Timethief. This post, in particular, really impacted me. I look forward to reading more of your posts (I have a lot to catch up on). Thank you for your support on BC.
    Great to “meet” you.

    • @Kathi,
      It’s great to meet you and thank you for the compliment. I spent so little time in your blog but after reading 3 posts I loved it and knew I wanted to be a regular reader. It’s wonderful that you felt the same way. My readers are a wonderful lot and you will enjoy their blogs and getting to know them too — they are THE BEST!
      Love and peace,

  3. Great post TT – you nailed it!:)

    A long time ago, after some unhappy events in my life, I decided to do something about it. I woke up one day and said to myself, I don’t want to be sad anymore. I want to be happy. With this choice in mind, I went about changing things in my life – my attitude and my situation. I was unhappy because I put myself in that situation in the first place consciously or unconsciously – now it’s up to me to make it right again. Only I can take responsibility for my own actions and I can’t blame anyone else for my own unhappiness even if they played any part to cause me misery. I embrace every downfall and heartache as a lesson and I always make sure I don’t go through that experience again.

    • It’s interesting that you have shared what you did. Once long ago I decided to make major changes in my attitude and my life. It was not easy to detach myself from memorized patterns and people but I did it. Like you I embraced life once I made the decision to commit to change. I made the choice to live a happy life and then I made that happen.

  4. I’m having to work very hard on numbers 5 and 7 right now. At least I know I have work to do, for most of my life I just never even saw them as problems…

    • The guidelines may sound simple but of course they aren’t. I find that what I struggle to let go of changes and I have been known to backpeddle and pick up and have to go through the letting go process again.

  5. Great words of wisdom well put together TT and it can be incredibly scary to establish the fact that we are all to some extent responsible for where our life is at the moment..

  6. What a soft, inspiring post. I believe I am an optimist by nature, yet I often find myself ‘choosing’ to be positive. It’s really the best way to go. You’ve got some great advice to keep and hold that mindset. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Thanks for commenting. I’m not an optimist by nature. I’m a realistic and inclined to be very analytical. I need to consciously focus my “monkey mind” in the here and now or it will be excavataing the past, or creating all kinds of future scenarios that are unlikely to happen. Letting ho of attahments and aversions is as Sandra saya above a life long process that I repeat and repeat and repeat.

      P.S. I really enjoy your blog. You are very funny and upbeat blogger.

  7. Very beautifully said!
    The fact that you’ve thought to happiness you just make “that” someone to believe that is not alone in his desires. I’m happy to be here each time and be glad that I’m here, and I’m thinking just like you! I believe that is a gain for me because always your page relaxes me, loads me with positive energy – even though I have very much it is good to add each time when I find the right opportunity.

    You are for sure woman full of life and certainly a beautiful one like your soul because it shows in all your words wich you’re trying to teaching us the best things in life and you share with your readers, even crazy one like me :P but I can see very clear in each words of you it feels happiness and is written  from your heart and your beautiful soul.

    Thank you, TT! God bless your entire life with happiness and love! smiles.
    Happy Week-End!


    _ (¯ `•.|/.•´¯) __ (¯ `•.|/.•´¯)
    _(¯ `•.(۞).•´¯)__(¯ `•.(۞).•´¯)
    _ (_. •´/|`•._) __ (_. •´/|`•._)
    …____ (_.:._)⋰⋰⋰____ (_.:._)⋰⋰⋰♥

    • @Dyeve,
      It has been so wonderful meeting you and learning how much we have in common. I enjoy your blog and you brighten my days. I’m so glad that you find value, relaxation, and energy in my posts. I think you are beautiful too and I hope your weekend is a fabulous one.

      P.S. The illustrations on your comments are also a delight.

    • I agree that letting go is a lifetime endeavor. Thanks for the kind words too. Please forgive me for reading your blog posts and failing to comment. I have had an extremely busy summer. :)

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