How to Create Authentic Happiness

What’s preventing you from being happier now?
Do you want to reclaim your ability to create authentic happiness?
My Friend Jonathan Wells of Advanced Life Skills has some excellent advice to share with you in his article and video.

You can be happy even when …

  • People have disappointed or betrayed you
  • Somebody else is having a bad day and gets upset when you don’t join in their misery
  • Nobody seems genuinely supportive of your goals and dreams
  • The day is falling short of your high hopes
  • You are falling short of your high expectations or you didn’t complete your to-do list
  • Nothing runs smoothly, on time or according to your plans

While it’s true that happiness is a choice, we can only make the happiness choice if we know what prevents us from being happy in the first place. The shortest path to true happiness is found through making conscious choices.  To be happy one has to organize their life, take responsibility for their life and do things which lead to happiness.

People are happy when they are “in control”, that is, when they feel competent to satisfy their needs and reach their goals — Happiness

So many people are pursuing money, prestige, power, or position, in an attempt to find happiness and fill the void they feel inside. Sadly, this approach never works. In fact, more often than not, this just leads to frustration because they never find what they are really looking for.

If you want to read the article here’s the link:  Pursuit of Happiness. If you prefer you can watch the video below.

In Pursuit of Happiness

I have learned that the creation place for happiness dwells in deep within me. Nothing external provides more than passing pleasure.  However, when I am conscious in meditation my fears and worries disappear and I am truly happy. I have learned to  carry over that into my every day life. By remaining in a mindful state  the happiness choice is an easy and very natural one to make.

What have you learned about being authentically happy?