How to Create Authentic Happiness

What’s preventing you from being happier now?
Do you want to reclaim your ability to create authentic happiness?
My Friend Jonathan Wells of Advanced Life Skills has some excellent advice to share with you in his article and video.

You can be happy even when …

  • People have disappointed or betrayed you
  • Somebody else is having a bad day and gets upset when you don’t join in their misery
  • Nobody seems genuinely supportive of your goals and dreams
  • The day is falling short of your high hopes
  • You are falling short of your high expectations or you didn’t complete your to-do list
  • Nothing runs smoothly, on time or according to your plans

While it’s true that happiness is a choice, we can only make the happiness choice if we know what prevents us from being happy in the first place. The shortest path to true happiness is found through making conscious choices.  To be happy one has to organize their life, take responsibility for their life and do things which lead to happiness.

People are happy when they are “in control”, that is, when they feel competent to satisfy their needs and reach their goals — Happiness

So many people are pursuing money, prestige, power, or position, in an attempt to find happiness and fill the void they feel inside. Sadly, this approach never works. In fact, more often than not, this just leads to frustration because they never find what they are really looking for.

If you want to read the article here’s the link:  Pursuit of Happiness. If you prefer you can watch the video below.

In Pursuit of Happiness

I have learned that the creation place for happiness dwells in deep within me. Nothing external provides more than passing pleasure.  However, when I am conscious in meditation my fears and worries disappear and I am truly happy. I have learned to  carry over that into my every day life. By remaining in a mindful state  the happiness choice is an easy and very natural one to make.

What have you learned about being authentically happy?


  1. […] aspects of life.  Both hope and optimism correlate closely with happiness. While it’s true that happiness is a choice, you can only make the happiness choice if you know what prevents you from being happy […]

  2. Thank you for talking about happiness. I’ve found that I feel happiest when I am doing the things I love. I don’t mean just doing things that I’m good at or that I can do but the deeper things that feed my being and help me be more self-aware. I feel happy when I do the things that reflect who I truly am. It can involve silence and reflection or dynamic action and growth.

  3. Hello dear friend, what a nice surprise to find that you had posted this video and have such a nice conversation about happiness going on. Amazing that something so desired by everyone could prove to be so illusive at the same time. It is so nice to just drop in on a conversation like this as a spectator.

    TT, your reply to Lana that “the true source of happiness was between our ears…” really resonated with me. Those of us who have managed to break away and seek out a simpler life surrounded by nature have been privileged to rediscover true joy of simple pleasures. What a blessing.

    Thank you so much for sharing the video with your readers. I feel honored and humbled that you would do that.

    Kindest, -Jonathan
    .-= Jonathan – Advanced Life Skills´s last blog ..Allow Gratitude to Transform Your Life =-.

    • Hello Jonathan,
      I was delighted to share your video and post with others. They contain much wisdom and I wanted others to read and hear it and act upon what they read and heard.

      I’ve been living the simple life for a long time and I’m in a location where living the simple and conscious life is the status quo. But it still amazes me when some people visit and remark on the lack of material possessions, particulalry, electronic stuff in my home. After they get over the initial shock of not being able to use cell phones and texting to stay in constant contact and share inane details about where they are and what they are doing every minute of the day, they become more relaxed, more conversational and eventually happier too. Some friends even choose to come here so they can be out of touch with the info-age noise (information overload) and more in touch with nature on their vacations. Now that make me smile from ear to ear.

  4. My husband & I, often while enjoying some of life’s simpler pleasures, frequently talk about how people just won’t LET themselves be happy, that it really takes very little to have genuine happiness & that we’re fortunate not to be among that number.
    Right now we’re both recovering from bad illnesses, which makes happiness even more precious.
    .-= Lana´s last blog ..New Life =-.

    • @Lana
      I’m so sorry to hear that you and Charles are ill. I hope you recover in double quick time. Over 30 years ago now Beloved and I moved to the coast and began to live the simple life. That’s when we discovered that the true source of happiness was between our ears. We are charmed by simple pleasures like feasting on bowls of homemade soup and a biscuits after splitting and stacking firewood. We are happy observing wildlife and all that makes up the landscape around us. So ‘yes’ I think you too are right. Many people simply don’t allow themselves to be happy.

  5. TT–I believe that all of us are in control of whether or not we want to be happy. I really believe there are people who enjoy misery and chaos more than happiness because those who are struck in misery often don’t do anything to really address that. I see this all the time as a psychologist.

    I did the same thing for many years–I remained the pain and trauma of the past but as soon as I sought help through therapy, my life started getting better. I started to believe that I really did deserve happiness. And we all do–deserve happiness.

    My sister says the key to happiness is to lower one’s expectations–so there’s always that too! :-)

    .-= Melinda´s last blog ..Five Days in Hell =-.

    • @Melinda
      I agree. We have to believe that we deserve to be happy before we can make that choice. Your sister is right on. The 5 simple rules for happiness are:
      free your heart from hatred;
      free your mind from worry;
      live simply;
      give more;
      expect less.

      All my best to you. :)

  6. If you are serious about being happy, try to understand the truth of happiness.

    The Truth of Happiness

    Definitions of happiness from historical global great minds:

    Aristotle- The goal of life is the pursuit of happiness. What constitute happiness? Virtue, a fair degree of world good, a good mind (achievement), and friendship. Plato and Socrates shared similar viewpoints.
    Chuang-tzu- Happiness is the absence of striving for happiness.
    Spinoza: a transition, the power to maintain one’s being.
    Hegal: The history of the world is not the theater of happiness. Periods of Happiness are blank pages in it.
    Schopenhauer: Happiness dies when it is not shared. We can never have lasting happiness or peace. The wise man seeks not pleasure but freedom from pain and care.
    New Testament (founding document of western civilization) mentioned happiness just 6 times and never in a happy context.
    Donald Trump: Happiness is momentary, doing things positive and achieving goal.
    Other sayings from not so well-known individuals:
    The greatest Happiness for a thinking man is to fathom the fathomable; and quietly revere the unfathomable.
    A large income is the best recipe for Happiness.
    Man’s happiness is the result of man’s effort.
    That action is best which procures the greatest happiness for the greatest Number.

    The reality of happiness

    I Ching (hexagram 58, pursuit of joy): key conditions for joy: financial independence, education, sharing spirit, friendship. Summing up these attributes, Work before play! A man’s happiness is the result of his sown effort.
    These attributes were very close to the ancient Greek philosophers. That was exactly how Chuang Tuz got inspired to remark: Happiness is the absence of striving for it.
    When people try to be happy for the sake of being happy with drinking and excessive eating without working, they will end up in sorrow.
    In essence, I Ching practically covers the viewpoints of global great minds over history.

    How to evaluate the validity of such attributes? We follow reality; we look for the happiest people in reality to see how they measure up to these attributes.
    During the 1980-90s, Icelanders happened to be happiest people. What are the attributes?
    Good education, high income, strong community spirit, open-mindedness to
    pursue opportunities and meet challenges. They all fell into the frame of I Ching truth and other great minds who revere the truth.
    However, the happiness index among the Icelanders declined during the last ten years or so, following the deterioration of their land quality and other resources; it finally fell to a chasm in 2008 following the financial tsunami. Conclusion: Financial security is the key to happiness.
    (Note: the same survey showed poor countries stay in the bottom rank in happiness index)
    In recent years, Demark has risen as the happiest country. Reasons? Its citizens are comprehensively provided with free medical care, education all the way to college, and other unemployment benefits. Again, financial security stands out as the key to be happy.

    One can argue that many wealthy people are miserable. Evidently, money does not buy everything but without money, no one can buy anything. We have to remember also that given the identical condition/circumstance, no one is equally happy. Our DNA comes into play! People in both Iceland and Demark share the ethnic traits of Danes, hardy, courageous, content folks who conveniently survive hardship even though they are the richest in the world.

    (This is the summary of a chapter in Succeed Naturally, the I Ching Way)

  7. Hello TT, it’s been awhile and I hope everything is running well with you. Thanks again for having this posted, and will share this again on my wall. All the best .

      • Thanks again TT and yes it’s been a long while since we connected. I was detached from my blogging there past several months and now will do a lot of catch-ups this time. By the way, I already included your blog in my website along with the others I admire in BC.

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