Life Eternal: The Great Cosmic Joke

This post was inspired by and includes the words of my friend

Tony Hogan, The Acoustic Guitarist

Men have argued about the nature of God and life after death since the beginning of time. The next time someone asks you if you believe in life after death please consider this:

Perhaps we all have eternal life and most have no recollection of past lives and that’s the great cosmic joke.

The Dream, is the underlying element in Jnana Yoga or Advaitism. The Universe is a dream in the mind of God and, God plays all parts and pretends that God is not God.

The One becomes many to experience LOVE. It is nothing but a quest for LOVE, and throughout out time ( I use that term loosely) puts on the garb of billions of beings to experience this.

The journey from self to SELF, is the journey, where God gradually shakes off the ignorance and reclaims the Divinity, or basically is conscious of his/her/its Divine Reality – LOVE.

Thus, the smile on the Buddha’s face.

God is also a process. The mind is not the tool to analyze God, never was, never will be, it has limitations. God has to be experienced, not dissected by the limited human mind. So really, God hasn’t gone anywhere, done anything, but is still seated in the same spot and has dreamed him/her/itself as ignorance.


The ONE becomes many to experience LOVE. It is nothing but a quest for LOVE, throughout out time (I use that term loosely), the ONE puts on the garb of billions of beings to experience this.

I don’t cogitate,  I meditate and when all the things associated with my “self” like greed, anger, hate, etc. dissolve there is no self; there is no distinct being that is separate from God – LOVE.

Neither male nor female, neither good nor bad, neither light nor darkness but containing all there is and situate everywhere: the universal stream of consciousness flowing through all is  God – LOVE.  Hence, God is found in everyone and in everything; God just keeps on experiencing LOVE.

We have only one life in this body at this point in time, but again and again, we return to live in a new body with no recollection of previous lives, until we stop clanging like cymbals, and actually become  ONE – LOVE.

I have twice been declared dead but have come back to life. I no longer fear death and no longer question what my life purpose is. I know that I am meant to LIVE,  LOVE  and LEARN and that’s why I’m here.

I know the lesson before me is to conquer  egocentricity and  experience freedom from attachments and aversions in meditation.

I know in my heart of hearts — I am meant to teach as well as to learn.

Death is a transition; it’s a new beginning. After my life in this body is over, I will return again to this earthly plane, with no knowledge of any past lives, and I will be faced with more lessons to learn and more to teach. Until I have learned all my lessons perfectly and taught them all perfectly, and I have become ONE – LOVE, I will return again and again.

Perhaps we all have eternal life and most have no recollection of past lives and that’s the great cosmic joke.

Not everyone has loved me in my past lives. Not everyone will love me in this life or in my future lives either. I have I not loved nor will I love everyone either but that’s okay, because at our core we are all much more the same than we are different.


  1. Thank you… your blog is wonderful.

    I don’t believe our minds are capable of processing past live information… we are so limited and there’s no way we could handle it….

    I know my purpose and never been more certain that I’m back here to teach and pass on my knowledge. But I fear death and although I understand it and accept it, I cannot let go of the fear of that last breath and our intrinsic struggle to hold on for just one more. I’m a work in progress.

  2. “I know in my heart of hearts — I am meant to teach as well as to learn.”

    And I know in MY heart of hearts that you are meant to teach as well as to learn. I am not throwing that statement around to be clever here. Your words resonate on a level of soul, like branches moved by an invisible wind.

    We ought to never assume that because we can’t remember, we don’t know. We know everything we need to know, and our life journey is about revealing this wisdom.

    So glad I came to your other blog, timethief. By the way, in my view, the great cosmic joke is those of us on this mortal coil are obsessed with time. We measure everything by it. The simple wisdom of the cosmos just might be that the rest of the universe is on a different clock, thereby offering an explanation as to how one’s spirit can be eternal while occupying a variety of incarnations at “the same time”.

    We think time is a concept. It’s a value. cgn

  3. Finally, someone who has similar beliefs! :) I usually don’t express much about my own personal beliefs. I think I’m a mix of everything I read. I believe in past lives, I believe in J.C. existed but I don’t know how much is truth. I once mixed J.C. and Buddhism together in a post and offended a Christian a great deal I think. They kept coming back to argue with me. It was quite funny.

    Anyhow, I can answer the ghost question I think. When you pass away to where ever there are different realms. Let’s say you died before your time and you have unfinished work. Your energy has left its mark. These people are also the ones who don’t know they passed on. Death took them before their lesson was learned.

    Having seen a few auras, I can also tell you some aren’t friendly either. I love old houses but I don’t like the feel of them. That probably makes no sense. I can usually tell when someone evil died there. I get chills and sometimes sick to my stomach.

  4. I have had the same experience of facing death…three times during open heart
    surgery I died and was brought back. Again in my last back operation after they overdosed me with painkillers they had to code me and bring me back. So, this takes away the fear of death and gives us new insights into our life. I first was introduced to the teachings of the Indian mystics from Shankara to Aurobindo and Krishnamurti many years ago and found a way of thought that culminated in trying to follow in the way of Gautama Buddha. I have no mystic insights,no magic formulas, no one to follow. You must be a lamp unto yourself. Henry James, the great English writer porobably said it as well as anyone: “There are only three rules, 1. Be kind, 2. Be kind, 3. Be kind. Beautifully written post.

    • Thanks so much for your comments. I truly appreciate them. It’s interesting to know that we have these experiences in common. I hope you well and trust you are happy.

  5. I had thought seriously about the theory of past lives but I cannot get it to sync with my belief in the spirit living after the body dies. I have witnessed real ghosts (spirits) and so, if there is a past life, I have no explanation for why these spirits/ghosts continue to wander.

  6. Actually we do have all the memories of our past lives :)
    They are just repressed and will not come out unless a traumatic events, drugs or hypnotherapy releases them.
    Trust me, I’ve done that :)
    Any way; great post!
    I wish you a very happy 4th of July!

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