Depression Busters: Daily Affirmations

love letterAlthough my state of mind has improved greatly I admit that I have been feeling a bit of slippage. Depression is an immobilizing disease and I know that so, to reverse the direction of the downward slide, I’m taking some action that was inspired by a post to the Blog Cataolg forum entitled Only positive thoughts!

Affirmation of the day exercise

Write a single positive affirmation on thirty 3 x 5 index cards. Take one card a day for each day of the month. This card is your affirmation for the day. When you get to the last card start again.

To make this daily affirmation process grow, write out thirty different affirmations for each month of the year. Keep the 360 cards in a recipe box and continually use the collection year after year, adding new affirmations as you need them.

You can, of course, keep these affirmations on your computer if you so choose or, you can use any size of index card you want but, the advantage to using 3 x 5 index cards is that they easily fit into your pocket or purse and are always there when you need a reminder.

Invitation to share your affirmations

I intend to start today by placing my first daily affirmation at the top of my sidebar. I believe that this sharing will help me to become more spiritually connected to my readers. And, it’s my hope that my readers will share their affirmations by submitting them as comments to this post.

Let’s grow a garden of affirmations to inspire us every day and to keep the blues at bay.

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