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I owe all my readers an apology for not preparing properly in advance for my friend’s visit. I assumed that I had enough “little quizzes” lined up and that I could make my post on Who owns blog comments? and then return to answer comments after our visit.

Well, you all bowled me over (Wolf included) because you answered promptly and at such a depth that I was left fumbling to respond at the same time that I was packing to leave.

During my absence, Richard got busy and came up with the comment policy guidelines for his blog on blogging that I have received permission to post below. Please note that feedback will be welcomed.

All commenter contact information is regarded in the strictest privacy and is not lent, bought, sold or otherwise traded or passed to anybody.I encourage you to post comments on my Blog. I do not expect everyone to agree with my viewpoint(s).

  • Comment Form Guidelines: The comment form must be filled in with a proper or legitimate sounding name and email address. A website URL is optional. Comments using keywords, spam or splog-like URLs, or suspicious information in the comment form will be edited or deleted.
  • Email Privacy: Email addresses are required for commenting, and they are not published on the blog, nor shared in any way [period]. They may be used by the blog owner to privately contact the commenter.
  • Commenter Privacy and Protection: All email, snail mail, phone numbers, and any private and personal information posted in any comment will be deleted as soon as possible to protect the privacy of the commenter. To prevent such editing, never share this private information within the blog comment. Sadly there are unscrupulous “things” out there with not-so-honorable intentions, and it is best not to feed those beasts.
  • Language and Manners: This blog is “family friendly” and comments which include offensive or inappropriate language, or considered by the blog owner and administrator to be rude and offensive, will be edited or deleted. Play nice.
  • A Comment is Conversation: A comment which does not add to the conversation, runs off on an inappropriate tangent, or kills the conversation may be edited, moved, or deleted.
  • Limit Links: This blog is setup to automatically hold any blog comment with more than two links in moderation, which may delay your comment from appearing on this blog. Any blog comment with more than four links could be marked as comment spam.
  • How The Blogger Will Respond: Comments on this blog will only be responded to in direct response to the blog comment. The blogger will not respond privately via email or other communication method to a blog comment.
  • First-time comments: At this time, first-time comments are held in the moderation queue for approval by the blog owner or administrator. After a commenter has an initial comment approved, following comments will not be held in moderation, but will appear immediately after submission.
  • What To Do If Your Comment Does Not Appear: If you leave a comment on this blog and it does not appear in a reasonable time period, and you know that it does not violate these Comment Policies, contact the blogger using the Contact navigation tab located at the top of all pages.
  • No Personal Attack Comments Permitted: In the interest of fair play, no personal attacks are permitted in this blog’s comments. You may question or argue the content, but not attack the blogger, nor any other commenters. Failure to respect fellow participants on this blog could result in removal and blocked access.
  • Comment Spam: Any comment assumed to be possible comment spam will be deleted and marked as comment spam.
  • Commenters Blocked: Anyone who violates this Comments Policy may be blocked from future access and/or commenting on this blog.
  • All Rights Reserved: The blog owner, administrator, contributor, editor, and/or author reserve the right to edit, delete, move, or mark as spam any and all comments. They also have the right to block access to any one or group from commenting or from the entire blog.
  • Hold Harmless: All comments within this blog are the responsibility of the commenter, not the blog owner, administrator, contributor, editor, or author. By submitting a comment on our blog, you agree that the comment content is your own, and to hold this site, The Sacred Path, and all subsidiaries and representatives harmless from any and all repercussions, damages, or liability.
  • Trackbacks Are Comments: All trackbacks will be treated in line with our comments policies.

Note: All policies are subject to change.

Britgirl (a special thanks)
The Blog Herald

What I propose to do is to take the substance of every comment contributed under consideration when making changes to my comments policy.


  1. @Muse

    On Comment Policy:
    Thanks. The comment you made assured me that you understood my dilemma. Take a look at the Defensio spam count in my sidebar (commenced in January). I have been coping with tons of spam and with some really off-beat comments. While I do not believe in deleting comments that disagree with my own and while I do strive to find a respectful way to accommodate for differences (lateral and collateral thinking) some of the ones I received deserved the deep six and they got it.

    Richard’s very thoughtful and thorough work on his comment policy and willingness to share it with us is a boon to us all.

    On Visiting:

    My preparations were not as thorough as I had planned and my friend’s time was tight as she had other friends and family to visit as well. The second week was a spontaneous decision we made when we found ourselves dreading the arrival of last day because we had only just begun going deeper than discussing superficialities.

    We had a wonderful time together during the 2nd week (everyone else thought she had left) and during that time I was reminded about how addictive being online can be and how much face-to-face contact we lose when we become computer addicted.

    This week I’m suffering physically. The fibromylgia dragon has reared it’s ugly head again and is trying to rob me of my joy.

    Not a chance!

  2. What a huge undertaking! I commend you, and thank you. Some of the discussion has informed my own policy. And thanks to Richard, too.
    I’m so glad you had a well deserved vacation and visit with your friend.

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