The Eight Irresistible Principles of Having Fun

smiling womanTraffic. Schedules. Work. Family. Friends. Drama. Life. The number one complaint of the day is, “I have no energy.” Yet, we can reclaim the natural energy our body contains. In fact, leading scientists in the study of natural health proclaim the benefits of daily laughter, as it assists in alleviating the impact of stress on the body. Laughing is equated to a low-impact aerobic exercise so it is heart-healthy. Yes, even the most serious-minded can gain value in creating “aha” moments from “lol” experiences.
Aa hat tip to cjwriter who inspired me to continue exploring this subject. Enjoy the flash animation presentation.


  1. Get focused. Stop hiding who you really are. Take time to figure out your DNA. When it comes right down to it what do you stand for? Then when you know who you are – turn up the volume.
  2. Get focused. Start being intensely selfish. Get hungry for the things that are really important to you. Think of the people you respect and love, the moments you want to relish, the impact you have and the legacy you want to leave. Bottom line: Don’t waste your time on anything else.
  3. Be Creative. Stop following the rules. Almost all of the rules are negotiable. Branch out and bear fruit.
  4. Be Creative. Start scaring yourself. Explore the edges, dip your toe in the bold, the outrageous and the unthinkable. Seek out and have adventures.
  5. Use your wisdom. Stop taking it all so damn seriously. In this moment is it a life and death decision? In 10 years will you remember what you are fretting about? In 100 years will anyone care? Lighten up this too will pass.
  6. Use your wisdom. Start getting rid of the crap. Think of all that suffering that’s getting weighing you down and getting in the way. Not just the things but also the habits, memories, attitudes and people. Get rid of the clutter.
  7. Take action. Stop being busy. Being busy is seductive. Just because you are going flat out doesn’t mean you are on the right track. If it’s the wrong hole you need to stop digging.
  8. Take action. Start something. Don’t wait any longer for permission to do what you want to do. There are always reasons to procrastinate just a little longer. Enough! Just start!


  1. I just passed your blog address on to a friend living with Hep C who I thought could benefit from the Eight Irresistible Principles. Thank you for that, and I invite you to visit ____________ sometime to see what’s happening on ________! Have a peaceful 2008. Jocko

    [Edited to remove location]

  2. Hello there,
    I’m so glad you came by and I’ll willingly share all 12 with you every day of 2008. And I’m glad you like the blog. I’ll be dropping in to visit yours soon. :)

  3. I’ll take them all for the whole year, if u don’t mine…Don’t like to do resolutions just at this time of the year…Last year quitting smoking wasn’t one of them and I did quit last spring..Often, I end up doing resolutions that I never thought I will do…

    Nice blog…


  4. Hi Ian,
    I intend to be creative with my headers and when it comes to this theme it’s easy as pie to upload them without ftp. If you do decide to get a domain I strongly recommend that you check out this free GPL theme. It’s a k2 modification that allows for all kinds of flexibility and has all kinds of built in goodies.

    Unfortunately I am having difficulties posting comments. It seems AkisMATT has developed a voracious hunger for every comment I leave. And “yes” of course I have reported it and so has another blogger but nothing has changed as yet. :(

    I’m invoking the 3rd of the Four Agreements so I don’t absolutely lose control and shriek at the top of my lungs.

    Don’t Take Anything Personally – Nothing others do is because of you. Be immune to the opinions and actions of others.

  5. Eight in the post and four in that comment – if I can live by half of them, I think I’ll be doing OK.

    I really like how your top changes every time I come back. Some would say not to do it, but they skipped rule number 3!

  6. Hi cj,
    Thanks for dropping by. I’m sure that you won’t be surprised to hear that #1 and # 5 are the ones that are the most difficult for me.

    I have resolved to keep these 8 above plus Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements in 2008.

    The recommended ‘agreements’, or rules to live by, are as follows:

    * Be Impeccable With Your Word – speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or others.
    * Don’t Take Anything Personally – Nothing others do is because of you. Be immune to the opinions and actions of others.
    * Don’t Make Assumptions – Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate clearly.
    * Always Do Your Best – Under any circumstances do your best – avoid self judgment, self abuse and regret.

  7. Very interesting list. I seem to have been doing some of them recently without being aware of it… definitely #1 and #5 have been on my mind the last few weeks. I think I’ll add laughing more to my resolutions this year… it’s never too late to start!

    Happy New Year, brightfeather. Hope you have a wonderful 2008. :)

  8. @ellaella
    I’ve enjoyed getting to know you little by little in 2007 and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better in 2008. May you also have a wonderful New Year. :)

  9. Thanks for that excellent list, brightfeather. The New Year is a great time for reflection like this, although the best way of keeping a New Year’s resolution is, apparently, not waiting for the New Year to implement it.

    So I’ll stop digging forthwith.

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