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Updated: October 24th, 2014. During my life  I’ve gone through several life changing processes. I gained some insight through the use of some basic tools. I set some goals and acted to achieve them.

This is the approach I took.

changefearpositivethinkingFundamental Truths

If you desire to make permanent changes in your life, you must first change yourself internally – which means you must alter the way you think, feel, react, and behave. Only when these internal changes have taken place, will there be lasting changes manifest in your experience. This applies to all areas of your life.

Through sheer will-power and determination people can make temporary changes, but eventually they will slip back into their old ways. Habits of thinking and feeling are difficult to break. It is difficult to make internal changes. The expression, “Oh, he (or she or even I) will never change” acknowledges this truth.

Using your imagination will enable you to become the new you that is just waiting to be revealed. That is precisely what the “Creative Visualization” process does. It enables you to make lasting changes.

There are 4 steps to the Creative Visualization technique.
The 4 steps are: Look, Interpret, Visualize, and Experience.
Remember these 4 steps by the acronym “LIVE

Look – Interpret – Visualize – Experience

Before you begin to creatively visualize, it’s important to know where you are and where you want to be. Set yourself the realistic goal of completing your personal inventory over the course of a week and then devote time every day to work towards accomplishing that goal. Every evening, prior to going to sleep, visualize yourself completing the next day’s work on the inventory.

Personal Inventory – list the following in detail:

Day 1. Evaluate your present financial status.

Day 2. What is your state of health and physical fitness?

Day 3. Describe your family life, your spouse, children, close friends and your relationships with them.

Day 4. What are your relationships like with people in general?

Day 5. What is your career – job – work – occupation and what is it like?

Day 6. How do you feel most of the time – what is your outlook?

Day 7. Review your inventory and adjust accordingly.

Your Goals: – list the following in detail:

  • What goals or dreams do you have?
  • What do you aspire to do and be?
  • What would you like to achieve if your success were guaranteed?

The Life Values Inventory was developed to help individuals and organizations clarify their values and serve as a blueprint for effective decision-making and optimal functioning. This program is made available to the public at no charge thanks to the philanthropic support of the Mathile Family.

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