Growing Wiser

Emotional awareness is a sign of growing maturity. We all need to learn to control impulses to act before we examine facts and issues. And, the earlier we learn how to control our thoughts rather than having them control us the better. Continue reading “Growing Wiser”

Affirmations and Neuroplasticity

Have you tried benefiting from applying neuroplasticity through practicing the power of reciting affirmations? Reciting affirmations ie. positive statements to encourage and support yourself on your personal voyage through life has a long history of efficacy rooted in neuroplasticity. Continue reading “Affirmations and Neuroplasticity”

In Praise of Urban Farming

Agriculture (Photo credit: thegreenpages)

After World War II urban planning separated farming and city living. Cities became food deserts overshadowed by high rises; family farms were replaced by factory farms. As time passed awareness about what we eat, how it’s produced, and concerns about health and environment issues led to a resurgence of backyard gardening, and the emergence of guerrilla gardening, community gardening and urban farming. Continue reading “In Praise of Urban Farming”

Celebrating Strawberries

Fresh, flavorful locally harvested foods are available at the Farmer’s Market in May and June. A variety of crops harvested in fall (squash, apples, endive, garlic, grapes, figs, mushrooms) and winter (kale, radishes, turnips, leeks), complimented by tender spring vegetables and berries grace the stalls and tables.
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Asparagus Flan or Crepes with Maltaise Sauce

It was spring of 1989. It was a Monday, the first day of the merry month of May. While hubby did the grocery shopping I sat on a bench in the mall leafing through The Easy Gourmet looking for a recipe that would become an all time asparagus favorite and I found it.
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Starting Over

I thought my last project was complete, but the first deadline on the 15th wasn’t the end – it became a new beginning. The challenge will now be presenting the same material from a different angle ie. a different point of view, written at a different reading comprehension level for a different audience. Continue reading “Starting Over”

Creamy Dungeness Crab, Spinach and Pepper Spread

The sun is shining and I’m feeling fabulous. Tonight I’ll be with friends at our Friday finger food night where I’ll share my famous creamy crab spread and rye bread. But now I’m struggling as my monkey mind is generating conflicting ‘clean the house’ and ‘let’s suntan on the deck’ thoughts. Continue reading “Creamy Dungeness Crab, Spinach and Pepper Spread”

Too Many Choices

Each person’s well being is a result of how they view the outcomes of the major decisions they have made in their life to date. Our happiness is affected by success or failure in goal achievement and our ability to set realistic goals and achieve them is confounded by too many choices. Continue reading “Too Many Choices”

Nuclear Power: When will we ever learn?

March 11th was the anniversary of the devastating tsunami that struck Japan’s Tohoku region, which was triggered by a submarine earthquake far more massive than anything geologists had expected in that zone. That tsunami wiped out Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi plant and in doing so, washed away the people’s confidence in nuclear power. Continue reading “Nuclear Power: When will we ever learn?”

Springing Forward

March came in like a Snow Lion but the snow and cold didn’t last for long. A few days after the power was restored we replaced our parkas and toques with raincoats and umbrellas. Today is Spring (Vernal) Equinox and the Sakura (cherry blossoms) are heralding the change of season.
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Butt Out and Live Longer

smokingWhen I made the decision take better care of myself ie. to love myself I made several changes. The most important thing I could do to improve my health was quitting smoking. Butting out to live longer was not easy but I did make it after several attempts. Continue reading “Butt Out and Live Longer”

Individuality and Compassionate Connection

Time and conscious experience of spaciousness give us perspective, an opportunity to become observers of our “self”. We tend to think to think our self is unchanging despite the fact that change is the only constant. We deceive ourselves by believing there is a set in stone “me” when that’s not so. Continue reading “Individuality and Compassionate Connection”

Spontaneus Creativity in a Small Package

The little girl with braided hair was last to enter the room after the bell rang. She joined the others who circled the teacher’s position,  watching attentively over her shoulders as she wet the brush and prepared the ink stone. Continue reading “Spontaneus Creativity in a Small Package”

The Five Agreements and Netiquette

In The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz reveals everything we do is based on agreements and provides and inspirational code for living an authentic life. In The Fifth Agreement Ruiz teaches how to discern the truth behind words, especially when we don’t agree what has been said. Continue reading “The Five Agreements and Netiquette”

New Eyes

I do have draft posts in development for both blogs but I’m having some difficulty adjusting to my new glasses, as opposed to getting them adjusted, which I’ll do later today. I didn’t realize how bad my eyesight had become.  Seeing better is  great but I have eyestrain, so though I am behind in the zero to hero challenge I’m taking it easy this weekend as I don’t want to trigger a migraine.

Friends and Lovers

Ask almost anyone what the ingredients for a happy enduring relationship are and they will put romantic love at the top of the list.  Along with it will come a laundry list of cultural expectations; constraints that distract from perceiving what love is and how to be it. Continue reading “Friends and Lovers”

Coping with Change

Change and death are essential elements of life itself but we instinctively resist both. There are numerous reasons for resistance to change be it either unexpected or expected and they are rooted in fear. Nothing is as upsetting to the human psyche as unexpected change because nothing has greater potential to cause us harm.
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Seize the Moment Surrender the Outcome

New Year’s resolutions are notorious for being easy to break but don’t ever let breaking a promise to yourself stop you from beginning again. Each and every moment offers an opportunity to start something new.
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Timeless Topics

herbal teaI have created a new category called Timeless topics for visual posts with minimal text like this example: Applause Time After Time. All posts will be aimed to provide inspiration for those, who are focused on self improvement and most will be less than 250 words in length.  Just long enough to read and ponder over a cup of tea or coffee. Continue reading “Timeless Topics”

Applause Time After Time

The last note was a blue note and silence filled the room for 40 seconds when the sound of applause burst like a bomb. The audience rose to their feet with right arms raised and fists pumping into space. The sight amazed her. The sound was intoxicating – addictive. Continue reading “Applause Time After Time”

Farewell 2013 – Welcome 2014

mystical imageThis year my annual stats report from didn’t hold any huge surprises but that’s not to say I did not smile when I read:

“Some of your most popular posts were written before 2013. Your writing has staying power! Consider writing about those topics again. ” Continue reading “Farewell 2013 – Welcome 2014″

Canada Post Delivers Lump of Coal for Christmas

free-pattern-xmas-stocking-knittingLetter volumes are down and online bill payment billing has replaced most snail mail payments, but Canada Post’s financial situation is not as dire as one might think, so the plan to cut door-to-door delivery to the last five million Canadian homes getting it is a lump of coal in their Christmas stockings. Continue reading “Canada Post Delivers Lump of Coal for Christmas”

Practice Gratitude and Experience Joy

1candleI’ve been feeling so good about the way I’ve been taking care of my business and by that I mean my health and happiness.  That’s not to say that making a living isn’t something I’m taking care of too because I am. It is to say that I have my priorities straight so I’m experiencing gratitude and joy.  Are you? Continue reading “Practice Gratitude and Experience Joy”

Doing Less, Producing More, Feeling Great

flowerI have finally learned a life lesson I have failed to learn many times before.  Being productive isn’t about doing more. Being productive is about doing less and doing what I choose to do better. Continue reading “Doing Less, Producing More, Feeling Great”

Head Start on Heart Health

It’s never too early to start thinking about how to reduce your risk of a heart attack and stroke. Women have unique health needs, and most diseases affect women differently than men. There’s no time like the present to become well-informed about the health issues that impact women most. Continue reading “Head Start on Heart Health”

A Flash of Lightning

dark skySix months of remaining in a toxic group environment while saying nothing must mean something, right?

Once again, I did not make a healthy choice right away. I hung in there for half a year before deciding to leave and for what?

There must be a life lesson in that but what is it?

Continue reading “A Flash of Lightning”

Like Frost in the Sun

frostleavesLast April I joined an online group that split into two factions within a week of being formed. Some said the problem was personality clashes. Others said it was religious intolerance. I believe the problem is two egos clashing. I made the decision to leave the group, rather than entering the fray. Continue reading “Like Frost in the Sun”

Thinking Pink? Think Twice

Breast cancer is scary. It’s the second leading cause of cancer in women. Scarier still are the corporate-funded campaigns and government complicity in the pervasive pinkwashing that’s featured every October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, while the chemicals of concern are still in the products on supermarket shelves. Continue reading “Thinking Pink? Think Twice”

Buddhist Peace Chant

cold mountain temple
Image credit

Hanshan Temple; literally “Cold Mountain Temple”, is a Buddhist temple and monastery in Suzhou, China. Built in the Liang period (502-557) of the Southern Dynasty Hanshan Temple was originally named Miaolipumingta.

The temple was later given its present name because Han Shan, an eminent monk in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), had lived there. — Hanshan Temple Legend

Continue reading “Buddhist Peace Chant”

No to Unsolicited Requests of All Kinds

no unsolicited requestsThis summer my content creation took a downturn due to events in my offline life, including a summer full of visitors, a productive container garden harvest, a steady flow of contracted work, a peak in sales in our business, and two months of kidney stone episodes. I’ve also been busy saying no to all kinds of unsolicited requests. Are you receiving them too?
Continue reading “No to Unsolicited Requests of All Kinds”

Sixteen Rules to Live By Revisited

cropped-courage.pngI discovered these ’16 rules I try to live by’ in 2007 but did not know who to attribute them to. Today I discovered they can be attributed to Go Daddy Founder and Executive Chairman, Bob Parsons.

As I read these principles again I found wisdom in them and they immediately brought to mind The Eight Irresistible Principles of Having Fun. So I have included both in this article for your reading pleasure.

Continue reading “Sixteen Rules to Live By Revisited”

Last Minute Reprieve

drinking waterWhew! Am I ever relieved. It seems I won’t be hospitalized. I bought a new robe and slippers and upon returning home I got a call from my urologist. The ultrasound which is more accurate shows one stone left but the x-ray does not reveal it. We are hoping the stone will dissolve and become smaller and I’ll pass it. Continue reading “Last Minute Reprieve”

A Silver Lining


I was disappointed to find out the results of my ultrasound pointed to surgery. My perception was that hospital was a negative place to be going and I was feeling down because I was afraid. You see, my brother, who died just a year ago contracted two hospital born diseases (hepatitis C and MRSA) and I chose to focus on that so fear arose. Continue reading “A Silver Lining”

August: Where did it go?

abstract collage 1

August 29, 2013 – Wow! Where did the month go?

August is my favorite month of the year and this year it just seemed to slip away. The month was punctuated with several memorable visits and gatherings which I enjoyed so much. And, we have plans to share this the last summer long weekend with friends.

Granted I wasn’t up to  functioning at a high level this month and maybe that’s a good thing as I do tend to overdo every summer. But I didn’t expect to have a crash course in what kidney stones were all about. Continue reading “August: Where did it go?”